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Our Story

Started as a dream of three friends To help people to stay in healthy and affordable house in early 2019 to create end-to-end housing maintenance solutions so that they can utilize their apartments and idle properties by renting them, BivocalBirds today has become a leading online platform that brings tenants and homeowners together to cater to each other’s needs.

We aim at offering end-to-end home solutions to our customers having properties or looking for accommodation in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and other cities of India. Our customers are:
Tenants: People who are looking for accommodation (shared rooms, entire homes, or private rooms).
Homeowners: People who want to leverage their vacant home spaces and idle properties by offering them on rent to the eligible and trustworthy tenants.

What Do We Offer?

Solutions for tenants: Finding an affordable as well as safe accommodation in urban cities is not an easy task. Often, people have to face a lot of issues such as:

  • All kinds of discrimination. Bachelors, single women, and migrants from other cities of India are often at the higher end of facing these issues as homeowners largely consider them unreliable.
  • High prices
  • Unsafe locations
  • Dealing with rude and adamant landlords on their own
  • If you are new in the city, the trouble of getting a right home on rent becomes more difficult due to lack of knowledge and local insights about the place. Here’s how we help tenants to tackle the issues mentioned above:
  • At BivocalBirds, we understand that it’s not about finding a property on rent, but to find a space for you that you can call your home.
  • We will help you get home in a community where you will be accepted happily.
  • The properties registered with us are at safe locations and are well connected to metro stations, hospitals, schools, and other access points.

Solutions for homeowners: House rental business has an exponential potential. With more and more people migrating to metro cities in search of better work opportunities, people who own properties in these regions are at the gaining end today. They can leverage their properties by offering them on rent and receiving monthly rental against them. However, homeowners often face difficulties in finding right tenants. These difficulties include:

  • Not being able to find tenants who are trustworthy and reliable.
  • Chasing tenants to get rent on time every month.
  • Verifying address details and other crucial information about tenants by doing their background check.

Here’s what we have to offer to solve these issues:

  • We offer end-to-end home maintenance solutions like finding reliable tenants, doing background checks on your behalf and procuring rent from them on time.

We at BivocalBirds understand the pain areas of both – the tenants as well as homeowners. And that’s why we realized the need of creating an online platform that will not just help tenants with finding a perfect space, but will also help homeowners with finding the right people to keep as tenants.

We believe in providing the best living environment to the youth, where there will be no discrimination and biases. Where tenants will have better and diverse accommodation options so that they could choose what they like, depending on their budget and preferences. Where house owners will not have to depend on brokers to find reliable tenants or worry about the background of the tenant. And where they don’t have to run after tenants to get their due rent on time.

We have created a platform which will be the future of how accommodation search and house management is done.

Our Mission

Making lives easy for tenants and homeowners.

Easy access to a wide range of housing options

We have built this platform to make the experience of finding homes an easy task for the home seekers. With a plethora of accommodation options like shared rooms, private rooms, and entire apartments, tenants can enjoy the luxury of browsing and choosing what suits their needs in the best possible manner from the comfort of their home.

Removing the barriers

Young and new migrants often face difficulties in finding a home in a new city. With our secure and affordable housing range, they can be rest assured that they don’t face any discrimination based on their gender, religion, marital status, or place of origin. Your safety is our priority

At BivocalBirds, we understand the importance of living in a safe locality. Every housing facility associated with us is highly secure and well connected to the important amenities like hospital, metro stations, bus stops, schools, and so on.

Be a Part of Our Growing Community

With the number of migrants increasing every day, the need and demand for better housing facility is also rising. This is the best time for homeowners to realize the potential of their properties. Also, for people in search of accommodation, buying a house of their own has become a near to impossible task with soaring property prices and inflation. We at BivocalBirds offer solutions to the problems of both – tenants and homeowners, by providing them with better housing facilities and home management solutions respectively.

So, be a part of our ever-growing community today to get the best solution to your needs.

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