Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any brokerage fee that tenants need to pay?
No. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we offer free brokerage for our tenants.
What is Refer & Earn scheme?
You can refer BivocalBirds to your friends and family members and get Rs. 500 for each invite. Your friends will also earn Rs. 1,000.
Does BivocalBirds have a presence all over India?
No. Currently, we offer our services in Delhi NCR only. However, we are planning for expansion soon.
What types of properties are available on rent?
We have a builder floor, studio apartment, independent villa, and residential apartments on rent.
I am a bachelor; can I get a room on rent?
Yes. Whether you are a bachelor or a family person, you can always get a rental property through us.
Do you help with shifting also?
Yes. We also offer movers and packers services.
Do I need to visit each property myself?
No. You can search for rental properties online. We will arrange a virtual meeting with the property owner. If everything goes well, you can directly shift to the property.
Are your registered properties sanitised?
Yes. For the safe health of our clients, we ensure completely sanitised properties during this pandemic.
Do you verify tenants?
Yes. We handle tenant verification as well as the property audit process for you.