How is BivocalBirds different?

Dedicated Relationship Manager | BivocalBirds
Dedicated Relationship Manager

Assistance of our relationship manager with zero budget through every step from the visits to the shifting of the suitable tenant.

Broad Marketing Options | BivocalBirds
Broad Marketing Options

Our Relationship Manager will broadcast your property over multiple channels to market and advertise it to enhance the reach.

Provide Verified Tenants | BivocalBirds
Provide Verified Tenants

Our team will always get triple qualified tenants with multiple screenings and background check ups.

E- Rent Agreement | BivocalBirds
E- Rent Agreement

We will get an authentic E-rent agreement made on behalf of you and your tenant. Remove your worries of documentation.

Repair and Maintenance | BivocalBirds
Repair and Maintenance

Get the services on demand and timely inspection through our team of our property managers.

24*7 Customer Care Service | BivocalBirds
24*7 Customer Care Service

We have our Customer Support Office where you can come anytime for your queries related to renting.

Property Management at just ₹1

All stuff in a Buff for Free

While others charge you over these services our goal is to serve you free of cost till you shift to your dream house.

Services Offered
Other Listing Portals
Real-estate Agents
Online marketing at own website
Offline marketing of the rented premises
Guidance for renting
Customer support office
Tenant background verification
Owner background verification
Rent collection
Virtual House Tour
Virtual meeting b/w owner and tenant
Negotiate on behalf Of tenants & owner
Dedicated relationship manager at every step
E-Rent agreement service
Safe key management
Physical house visit
Verified property images
Security refund
Move in and Move out video

Simple steps to manage your property

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does property managers do?
The Property manager responsible for finding tenant, collecting rent on time, handling maintenance requests, handling dispute between tenant and landlord, regular inspection of property, filling vacant units and potentially evaluating the budget for the property as per market. Property managers often take care of property that landlord/owner either do not live near or do not have time to personally manage.Our partner property owners can deposit the keys of their apartments with BivocalBirds so that our representatives can show the property to prospective tenants in the absence of property owners.
What is the benefit of property management?
The property manager acts on behalf of the owner to preserve the value of the property. Through property management you can rent out your property faster.We provide verified tenants without any charges.We remove any obstacle related to your property.We post your property to multiple channels to maximize your reach.Also, if your property is not rented till one month you don’t have to pay the service charges.
Are there regular audits of the property?
Yes, we have quarterly audits of your property.
Is there any contract?
Yes, there is a legal document that you will have to sign before getting started with the property management.
Can I cancel the contract anytime?
The contract can be cancelled by any party by giving one month’s notice period if the property is rented. If the property is not rented for more than one month, we will hand over the keys to your home by giving you prior information.
If I signed propert management with Bivocalbirds after that if My relative suggest me to give flat to his friends, Does bivocalbirds has any problem.
No, we do not have any issue, our priority is to make your property rent out quickly even if you have direct tenants you can align with us.
Property broker is suggested us a tenant and I like his profile. Do you have any issue to give the flat?
No, We do not have any issue but before to finalize the flat we want to have his/her interview to let them know BivocalBirds process.
I have already tenants on my property and I do not want to ask to vacant my property. Will it be possible to sign the property management agreement?
We do not have any issue.Our goal is to make your property maintained
How would I know my property is safe or not?
We do property audit in every 3 months and as per the understanding in 6 months through the property pictures you can get the update about your property.
Is it possible physically to view my property?
Yes, By giving prior information in advance from owner side, So we can schedule a physical meeting to check the property.
You are taking 2 months security deposit in advance like 1 Lac but what happened if tenant damage more the 1 Lac?
In this case we will forfeit 1 lac at immediately basis and we raise a demand to tenant for extra if he/she denied we will send a legal demand letter.
What happen if we want to break the contract from Bivocalbirds ?
In case property is vacant owner require to give 1 week notice but if there is any tenants placed by BivocalBirds require to give 1 month notice.
What happen If we want to break the contract with BivocalBirds but I have no issue with tenants and I want to let them stay ?
In this case Owner has to give one month notice and owner can sign the direct rent agreement with current tenant.
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