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1 month’s Maintenance is absolutely free If your property is not rented for more than a month

Why do we need your keys with us?

Mismatch of the homeowners and tenants meeting time.

Brokers don’t give keys to companies due to the fear of losing clients.

Chances of having a vacant property for longer duration.

You might end up losing a good tenant.

Benefits of giving us your home keys

Rental chances increases by 90%.
Assured renting if keys are deposited.
House visits become easy.
100% safety of your property.
Free of cost.
Easily collect and lend your keys anytime.
Receive information of each visit through SMS, email and call.

Rent your property instantly

Simple steps to smartly handover your keys


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Frequently Asked Questions
How does key management work?
Our partner property owners can deposit the keys of their apartments with BivocalBirds so that our representatives can show the property to prospective tenants in the absence of property owners.
What is the benefit of depositing my property keys with BivocalBirds?
With the key management facility, the chances of getting a tenant for the property are higher. That is because it is not possible for the landlord to be available for the tenant’s visit every time and the tenant is also not always free on the time suitable for the landlord. If the property owner submits the key with us, we can always show the property to the prospective tenants even in the absence of the landlord.
Do I get any written agreement or proof when depositing the key?
When the property keys are received by BivocalBirds, the property owner has to sign a written consent on the letterhead of BivocalBirds. One copy of the document will be shared with the property owner as well for their reference.
Does this service involve any charges?
No. As of now, this service comes at no cost for our partner property owners/landlords.
How do I avail of this facility?
Visit BivocalBirds.com Then click on the Key Management. Fill in the application form by entering all the required details, such as your name, email id, mobile number, state and city. Click on the send button. After we receive your request, our representatives will contact you to fix a meeting for collecting the required documents. Once everything is done and we receive the property keys, you have to sign a written consent on the letterhead of BivocalBirds. One copy of the document will be shared with you for your reference.
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