Delhi is not just a crowded place with corporate offices but a shopping hub and a great place to hang around. You can shop at a very affordable budget here in Delhi and NCR.

Here is the list of 5 places where you can buy good quality stuff at affordable prices.


Janpath Market is known for its leather goods, Indian antiquities, colourful counterfeit jewellery, brassware, shoes, and a large selection of Tibetan vintage finds. The market is quite popular among shoppers, visitors, expats, and the youthful Delhi crowd, and it is always busy. Shopkeepers compete for your attention by selling all types of seasonal attire, such as T-shirts and skirts in the summer and coats, scarves, and stoles in the winter, all at wholesale costs. To score some truly fantastic discounts, make sure you employ your negotiation talents. Janpath is one of the best-budgeted places for shopping. So choose a hotel nearby this place.


Gandhi Nagar is a residential and commercial neighbourhood in the East Delhi area of Delhi. Gandhi Nagar Market, like Kirti Nagar Market for furniture, is considered Asia's largest textile market. Gandhi Nagar is especially known for readymade clothing for wholesale purchase and has a limitless number of shops for the purpose; there are also several companies in Gandhi Nagar. The infrastructure at Gandhi Nagar market is congested, but you can purchase a broad choice of fabrics, clothing, and trims at bargain prices. You may also ask for any amount here; bulk buying isn't required all of the time.

Gandhi Nagar is home to many brand dealers and distributors, as well as offices and stores.

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Sarojini Market is one of Delhi's most chaotic markets, littered with wholesalers, and is the ideal place to buy clothes, music, fashionable outfits, books, hookah pipes, handicrafts, and other items. This decaying and bustling market, famous for all kinds of things offered at throwaway costs, offers some of the greatest budget-friendly shopping in Delhi.

Sarojini Nagar, one of the city's most prominent attractions, is also known as Delhi's favourite flea market and is frequented by both locals and visitors. In fact, it's a bargain hunter's paradise, where you can literally unearth some incredible finds towards the end of your shopping binge.


Brahmaputra Market (also known as BP) is a foodie's dream, especially for meat lovers, and is located in Sector 29 Noida. After the sun sets, the market comes alive as local traders take over the small lanes. This hectic yet colourful market, lined with a variety of tiny stores offering clothes, accessories, books, and food items, appears like a miniature version of Old Delhi's Chandni Chowk. You'll find practically everything here, from Kathi rolls and momos to chaats and chicken biryani. Laxmi (a notable South Indian restaurant) and JSB EverGreen are two well-known eateries on the market (for street food). While you're in town, stop by this famed market to try some delectable street food.


Even if you've never been to Noida, you've probably heard about Atta Market. To a price-conscious buyer, Atta Market is a kind of nirvana that sells not just apparel but also musical instruments, cutlery, electronic devices, leather handbags, fashion accessories, and footwear at affordable costs. Atta, a favourite hangout for college students and plebeians, sells low-cost knockoffs of well-known brands, and if you're adept at haggling, you're in for a treat! There are also a few export houses where you can purchase luggage, trolleys, and duffle bags, as well as cosmetics and other everyday necessities. Be cautious because the path is narrow and the audience isn't particularly affluent, and there have been reports of pocket snatching!

So, try these 5 places to have good shopping in Delhi NCR. Apart from this Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Nagar, and other places.

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