Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. You can lose a good tenant if you are not on healthy terms with them. Being on good terms with the tenants become necessary. It should be your priority that you let the tenant feel comfortable as the owner is distant from your home.

Why There is a Need to be Hospitable with the Tenant?

Behaviour of the person is a give and take kind of thing! You should be friendly with your tenant as he/she is new to your place. If you will behave rudely to your tenant you might lose your tenant and then you might invest time and money in accommodating a new one.

Here are the points to be kept in mind if you wish to be a friendly and healthy homeowner!

1.     Let your tenant know about the property

A tenant must know about the things of the property. He/she must have knowledge regarding the area he/she is going to reside in. You should tell him/her about the belongings what is kept where, if it is a furnished home. If it is a non-furnished home you should tell him/her if something is important.

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2.     Tell your tenant about the market area

Your tenant is new to the location and he/she must not be knowing about the areas nearby that place. Being a good homeowner, if you proactively tell him/her about the locations it will boost your relationship with him/her.

3.     Give you tenant knowledge about the locations

Your tenant should have a knowledge regarding the locations as you belong to that location already so being a hospitable homeowner you should tell him or her about the shortcuts and the other roadmaps if he/she asks you about it. This will create a good bond between you and tenant.

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4.     Tell your tenant about the services nearby

If your tenant doesn’t want to cook, he/she might require tiffin services, or laundry services, water can delivery or any other services he/she might want to. You can even provide numbers of the concerned person regarding this.

5.     Make your tenant feel comfortable

Treat your tenant like a family. You know that he/she is staying out from home, so you should let him/her feel like home. He/she might be uncomfortable due to the change in location. You can even invite them for dinner one or two times if you are comfortable with that.

So follow these points and be a good and friendly owner with your tenant!

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