Many of us want a vastu-approved pooja room but are hesitant to take the necessary steps to make it a reality. This is frequently because we are concerned that major changes will be required, and we are unable to make these changes to our mandir design. What if we say that Pooja room can be made auspicious through some of the tips that will invest little time and effort?

Find out how to have a vastu-approved pooja room by reading on!

Direction of the idols

If you remember your grandmother's mandir, you will remember rows of idols that were neatly arranged and worshipped with care. Have you ever wondered why our forefathers arranged the gods in a line? This is due to the fact that pooja room vastu states that your idols should never face each other!

Regardless of which direction your pooja room faces, the god face should be to the north-east. It is considered to pray in the north, or north direction. So keep the idols towards the north or northeast direction.

The best colour for your Pooja room

Because your pooja room is a peaceful place, it should be painted in a peaceful colour. Choose from the always-popular white, cool blues, or softer yellow and orange hues. To increase the sanctity of your mandir, experts recommend using delicate and soothing colours. You can also consult the vastu-approved colour palette for your home.

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Where to place gods

If you want a vastu-approved pooja room, make room for the divine on the ground floor of your apartment. This area should ideally be located away from the bathroom and stairwells, but our expert has a backup plan in case that is not possible.

Create a stage for your idols. Keep your gods above ground level. You can use an elaborately carved wooden platform or even a simple bench for this purpose. A carved wooden platform or a simple bench should be used for placing idols.

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