When you are out from your home town to live in another city there are many things you check for, like living cost, places to hangout, markets to buy the household items, affordable home on rent with good location. Apart from all this, we look for the places to eat that offer tasty delicacies at reasonable rates.

Let’s have a look at the places where you can enjoy binge eating:

1.    Brahmaputra Market

Brahmaputra Market, which is located in Sector 29, is a well-known landmark and one of Noida's oldest crowd-pullers. Food such as chaats, tikkis, kebabs, biryanis, idlis, juices, and momos may be found here.

2.    Sector 41

If you have a sweet tooth, you should visit Theos Bakery in Sector 41, which is an amazing destination to get cakes, pastries, and other baked goods.

3.    Sector 18

Sector 18 is known for both street cuisine and restaurants. There are numerous locations where you can find good food, such as egg bistro, kebab Xpress, InnerChef, Cultinate, Basil tree, walk in the woods, and so on. There are numerous cafés such as Kaffiiaa, Big Chill, Cinabon, and others. The best vegetarian and non-vegetarian rolls in Noida can be found at Rolls King.

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4.    Sector 63

If you are looking for dinner and lunch, then you should try a food of sector 63. Lemon twist, yellow chilli, Sagar Ratna, ancient barbecue, London cafe, and Haldirams are among the restaurants in this area.

5.    Atta Market

The locals in Noida refer to it as a shopaholic's heaven since there are so many inexpensive and affordable items to choose from. However, the best part about this region is the abundance of street food vendors that provide you with those much-needed spicy pauses in between shopping. The delectable golgappas and papdi chaat will certainly help you beat the heat this summer!

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6.    Sector 72 and Gamma 1

This a kathi point roll located in sector 72 in Greater Noida which offers great quality kathi rolls to their customers. The price of their rolls is also very less. Their kathi roll is loved by all the localities over there. Modi’s baker’s Zone and Raja Dhaba are the two very famous places to eat in Noida. Modi’s baker’s Zone is a bakery cum café point and Raja Dhaba is the famous place where a full course meal is offered at affordable prices.

7.    Gaur City 1 & 2

Zaika Kathi Rolls and Momos Hut are the famous corners in Gaur City 1.  Kathi Rolls is the favourite delicacy of the people.  Anna Dosa Camp, Lucknowi Zaika, and Chaap Hut are the famous places that are located in Gaur city 2. You can enjoy the royal taste in Lucknowi Zaika at reasonable prices. If you crave for south Indian touch you will love Anna Dosa Camp.

These were the places in which you can eat and get the food delivered whenever you don’t feel like cooking at home. So let your taste buds enjoy the taste of different delicacies!!!

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