Being eco-friendly is about celebrating and respecting the creation. The conservation of natural resources, such as electricity and water is the need of the hour. Reusing, reducing and recycling the waste will not only make you an eco-friendly citizen but will also help in saving money. 

Being an environmental warrior is not always easy, but some changes in your lifestyle habits and adapting some eco-friendly practices at home can surely make a difference. 

Here are 7 Efficient and Easy Practices to Go Green from your Home:

1. Switch off the Lights when not in use 

We often forget to switch off the lights at home when going out or walking to the next room. Our mothers always remind us not to forget switching off lights when you leave the room. 

Well! Our Mother is right as they know the value of electricity. Electricity comes from natural resources. Never keep the lights switched on unnecessarily. It just needs a few seconds and also save our electricity bills. 

2. Say not to one-time use Plastic 

Saying no to plastic doesn’t mean you have to let go off all the plastic products. While recyclable plastics can be recycled or reused in other forms, using single-use plastic items can be disastrous to mother earth. Avoid buying disposable plastic bottles, cutleries and polythene bags. 

Many animals die in oceans, land and sky by eating this plastic garbage every day. The toxins present in the plastic affect their health and impacts our health too indirectly. 

Make sure you use nature-friendly bags made from corn starch, jute, cotton or other biodegradable sources. They are eco-friendly and 30 percent stronger than the polythene bags. 

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3. Use Water Wisely 

Many areas are being affected due to water scarcity. Although we are still lucky to have adequate access to water, we must use it wisely to make it available for future generation as well. 

Don’t keep the water tap on while brushing your teeth and use a mug instead. You can also use the tap sprinkler to lower the force of water from the tap. You can save the water used for clothes washing and use it to flush in washroom. Don’t spend too much time under the shower. Get the leaking taps replaced. Carry your own water bottle in the bag when living the house. 

Keeping different dustbins for dry and wet waste can help government to separate biodegradable waste from non-biodegradable one. 

While a blue dustbin is usually used for the non-biodegradable waste, the green one is meant for the biodegradable waste that can later be converted to manure. 

Also, always throw your trash only in the dustbin. By doing so you are helping the whole society.​

4. Use Energy Efficient Machines 

With the smart goods revolution, there is availability of various energy efficient products like washing machines, refrigerator, air conditioners, cars, and so on. These fuel and energy saving products can help you make a better use of the available resources and also save the environment.

5. Use Sustainable Materials

Choose furniture, flooring, and home decor made from sustainable materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, or recycled materials, minimizing the environmental impact of your choices.

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6. Limit the Use of Paper

We all are aware that paper is made from trees. Did you know that manufacturing of 1 ton of paper requires 24 trees?  Just think about it! 

According to a Times of India report, around 100 trees are cut down for around 50,000 pages in India. 

So, whether you are at office or home, avoid wasting paper unnecessarily. Use digital medium to share official information. Use handkerchief instead of using tissue papers. 

7. Switch to Solar Panels 

Solar energy is derived from sunlight, which is available for free in abundance. Use solar panels at home for saving energy as well as your bills.  It is free from air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas effect. It does not leave carbon footprints and has no harmful emissions. 

In today’s era, we are facing the issues of global warming, glacier melting, climate change, ozone layer depletion, and polluted oceans, land and air. All this is causing a bad impact on all the living creatures. 

In order to transform this world into a sustainable one, we will have to think of the ways to protect it. It will provide us and our future generations with a natural survivable environment. 

An efficient way to use the resources is significant to protect the environment and it is only possible by making some necessary changes in our lifestyle. 

While you can’t change the world overnight, you can definitely make an impact in a longer run. Adapting to the eco-friendly lifestyle is the only solution to keep our planet in the best of its health. 

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