Property management is a third-party solution that is governed or offered by an individual firm. These firms are typically in charge of the day-to-day repairs, as well as continual maintenance, security, and upkeep of buildings along with the rent collection if the property is rented. The firms typically work with investors who own apartments and complexes, private home communities, shopping centres, and other industrial parks.

Their primary responsibilities include managing routine duties given by the owners and preserving the value of the properties they manage while producing revenue.

Here are the points that describe the responsibilities of your property management firm

·         Find and screen the prospective tenants

·         Draft and renew the lease agreement

·         Timely rent collection

·         Maintaining the property

·         Arrange for the repairs

·         Create and stick to the budget of property maintenance

·         Deal with the legal issues

·         Fees is paid by the property owners which is generally 7-8% of the rent

Who Needs a Property Manager?

Landlords or home owners require a property manager to take care of their vacated properties when they are not present there. Some property managers cater to the need of a property owner who owns multiple properties but has no time to look after. An owner who has invested in the home for the rental purpose often require the services of the property management firm. Brokers can also require the property manager if they are given the responsibility to serve the clients for sell or buy purpose.

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What does a property management company offer and how it is beneficial to your rental property?

Advertising and Marketing

You want to let your property on rent but lacks contacts to reaching your property to the prospective and suitable tenant. Here is where a property management firm starts its work and let the prospective tenants know that your property is out on rent to live. You won’t have to invest time or money in doing so.

Tenant screening, applications and renting

You will get all the verified and qualified leads of the prospective tenants online till your search is not over. The property management firm will do the tenants’ screening on your behalf and suggest suitable prospective tenants based on your choices.


A property management firm is responsible for the maintenance of your property from time to time whenever required. The maintenance includes the repairs of the damages done. The firm also makes sure whether the damage that happened is liable to you or the tenant. If it is liable to you it will be paid by you. But if it is the responsibility of the renter the property management firm will make sure you don’t have to pay. If you need other maintenance services the firm will serve you that too.

Rent collection

These firms not only do the maintenance of the property but also make sure that monthly rent reaches you on time. If a tenant is troubling you for the rent payment and you are not able to reach the tenant because of your absence in that city, you can simply let the property management firm know about it.

Affordable charges

The property management firm generally charges from 7 to 8% of the rent you receive monthly. You will have to pay a huge amount if you hire someone on your personal basis.

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Regular property checks

A property management firm do a regular check-up and audit of your property. It will also share with you the recent snapshots of the location. You can even keep a check through a virtual tour of your rental property. This will save you time and money and allow you to step into your property without stepping out.

Choosing credible tenants

From searching the right tenant for you to getting you the right tenant, a property management firm doesn’t stop here. They make sure you get a trustworthy and verified tenant for yourself.

Renting a house for passive income

A property management firm will let you earn indirectly through monthly rents. You can list your property for rent at no cost.

Maximize ROI by Rental Income

Once your property is managed you will earn a good monthly income. You can even increase the rent further to an extent based on the maintenance of your property.

Value-added services

If you maintain your property in a good way there are high chances that it will rent out faster with good monthly rental charges and won’t be vacated for long. You can also get the interiors to work done.

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