How many times it has happened that you might not have been available over there when your property is being visited?  Being an owner comes with lots of responsibilities. You not only have to take care of your property but also maintain it from time to time.

Safeguard your property from the time it is "renting out" to "being rented".

Here are the things you need to ensure before letting a prospective tenant enter into your rental property:

Background information of the Tenant

Ask basic details from your prospective tenant so that you can have an idea about the background of the person. You should have prior information before letting a stranger into your property. Also to cut back your time over the meetings get to know about the financial background of the person. This is how you can screen the prospective tenant before meeting to save your time over various meetings.

Maintenance of the property

“The presentation always matters”. No one is going to look at your home if it is too shabby disorganized and left out untouched for a longer duration. So, maintain the property with white wash and declutter the space by removing the waste that is of no use to you. This will also help you out in getting the property rented faster.

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Availability of the Owner

Showing your property to the prospective tenant cannot be managed every time as you might be running under a busy schedule. You cannot manage the meeting every time, else you will miss out some important work of yours.

Handling of the Keys

It might have happened that you lost your keys or missed something very urgent while showing the rental property. BivocalBirds provides a key management system to such owners for solving the issue of key handling. Our relationship manager will pick the keys up from your point of destination and submit them to the customer support office within the reach of 8-10 km. Thus your worries of handling the keys and showing the property are now up to BivocalBirds with proper management.

Meeting with Safety

While showing the rental property you should always ensure your safety. Don’t visit the property along with the prospective tenant. Take one more person with you to ensure your safety. Always inform someone in your family before going to meet the prospective tenant. BivocalBirds provides a 360 ° virtual tour of the property thus saving your time and money with safety. Also, if there is a final visit our relationship manager will ensure safety and show your property to the tenant.

If you are looking for verified and qualified leads of prospective tenants, let BivocalBirds give a chance to serve you in the best possible manner. You can post as many properties as you want absolutely for free.

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