The living room is the most important area of every house, and it must be highly appealing. People mostly welcome all the guests to the living room; therefore, it has to be perfect. Apart from the sofa and paintings, there is a crucial addition to the living room, which is a carpet. It not only makes the living area look more aesthetic but also has several practical applications.

A perfect carpet gives the living room warmth, comfort, and texture and protects the floor from any damage. However, getting a perfect carpet is not as easy as it seems. There are complications in making the right choice from the huge variety available. Hence, further, some highly important details on the best types of carpets are given in detail.

Shag Carpet

When someone wants something comfy and soft under the foot while sitting in the living room, perhaps the shag carpet can be the most ideal choice. These are made with long thick fibers that can create a luxurious, plush feel. Moreover, there is a huge variety of these types of carpets available in the market with different colors and textures with materials made out of wool and synthetic fibers.

These carpets are highly popular among people who like a relaxed and casual atmosphere. It can be ideal for families, including children and pets, because these are easy to clean and maintain. One can easily choose the perfect size that fits your living perfectly as the market has a huge variety.

Persian Rugs

There's plenty to choose from regarding the carpet for the living room in Noida. However, if you are someone with a taste for rich colors and designs, a Persian carpet is the ideal choice. These are very popular in the living room as they are made with ancient techniques and passed down through generations. Most of the designs on these carpets are inspired by nature, including flowers, animals, and much more.

Along with all the above, other elements are also beautifully woven into the fabric. These are mainly made out of bold, bright colors like red, blue, green, and gold, as everyone loves these.

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Berber Carpets

Berber Carpets are becoming increasingly popular every day in various regions of the world, including Noida. These are named after people from North Africa who have exquisite skills in carpet weaving. Nature fiber is used in making these carpets, and the materials used include cotton and wool.

The most important characteristic of these types of carpets is their looped pile. These are designed with highly neutral tones and bright patterns, making them one of the most loved carpets across different nations.

Oriental Carpets

Oriental carpets are sometimes confused with Persian rugs, but these are not the same in origin. These are not made in the same region of the world from where the Persian rugs originated. This type of carpet is made in nations like China, India, and Turkey. With their intricate design, these carpets rule the carpet industry with a huge demand in India, including cities like Noida.

There is a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures available in the oriental carpets, and it is easier to find the perfect one to align with your living room interior. The ones who like to create an elegant and sophisticated environment in the living rooms must prefer oriental carpets rather than going for other types. These are made of high-quality materials like silk or wool for long life.

Modern Carpets

The contemporary style of interior living, as well as other house rooms, is getting hype these days. Therefore, choosing a modern carpet for a contemporary touch to your living room could be great. These can be found in different colors, patterns, textures, and materials. In making these carpets, the materials used include wool, nylon, and polyester.

Modern carpets give an experience of different colors and patterns. These are highly popular among people with a taste for minimalistic and understated design in the living room.

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Bottom Line

Building a home in a city like Noida is hectic as there are many options to choose from in terms of everything. When it is about carpets for your living, the challenges are even higher due to a bigger range of availability. The types you can find in the market are explained in this post, and it will make it easier for you to decide on the right type of carpet you need. Also, remember to consider accurate measurements when buying a carpet for your living room.