Are you new to the city? Moving furniture is always a difficult task, as we all know. Buying a new one is also dangerous since, let's face it, it's like making an investment. So why spend money on new ones when you can rent them at a fraction of the cost? Do you really need any more incentives than free shipping, easy maintenance, and a hassle-free exchange? We've compiled a list of the finest online furniture rental businesses, taking into account the increase of work-from-home culture and the necessity for a comfortable work station right at home!

1. Rentickle

Rentickle is a one-stop-shop for renting furniture, appliances, and other home furnishings, as well as bikes, vehicles, and gym equipment, at an inexpensive price. They provide free delivery, installation, and maintenance, as well as a simple exchange and renewal process for your rented device.

Fee Per Month | Rs. 829 Per Month Onwards (Sofa Set)

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2. City Furnish

City Furnish is a popular rental company that offers some fantastic deals to first-time customers. They provide an unusual mix of furniture and home decor right to your door. The Indian urban user and how they live in their homes are the inspiration for their fittings. The feature that we like the most is the free upgrade policy, which allows you to upgrade to a higher version of a product without paying more!

Fee Per Month | Rs. 950 Per Month Onwards (Sofa Set)

3. Fabrento

If you use Fabrento for your rental needs, you can realise your idea for a cosy modern apartment at a very reasonable price. They have it all, whether it's lovely furniture for your rooms, a workstation, or even household appliances. You're fine to go if you add responsive customer service to the mix.

Fee Per Month | Rs. 899 Per Month Onwards (Sofa Set)

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4. Rentomojo

Rentomojo is a well-known website for renting furniture and appliances. Their packages and combos are self-contained and offer a touch of elegance to your house. They have several incredibly appealing deals and practises, such as "use first, pay later!" It offers a plethora of options to choose from.

Fee per Month | Rs. 1,744 Onwards (Sofa & Bed Combo)

5. Furlenco

Furlenco offers a number of fantastic packages that have been carefully selected to complement and improve your property. Its furniture is individually designed by in-house professionals to answer your day-to-day challenges, and its designs are user-inspired. Furlenco provides a wide range of alternatives for your indoor needs, as well as excellent customer service, including free delivery, maintenance, upgrades, and even damage and deep cleaning charges!

Fee per Month | Rs. 899 per Month Onwards (Sofa Set)    

So you can easily book the furniture on rent now with no worries!!!

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