In 2020, more than 98 per cent of home homebuyers aged 41 to 55 utilized internet websites in their quest for a residence. Ever since that number has grown tremendously, and as real estate online marketing gets increasingly competitive, digital marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach your target audience and generate more leads and sales.

Through targeted efforts and follow-up strategies, realtors may attract prospects, establish a reliable database that knows and trusts them, and finally improve sales with a smart real estate digital marketing strategy. 

This article should assist you if you're having trouble navigating the real estate digital marketing landscape. We'll walk you through some of the most tried-and-true digital real estate marketing ideas for 2022, so you can gain more customers online.

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Tip#1: Responsive Websites Will Be Your Savior

An excellent real estate website aids in the establishment of a solid database of legitimate leads, increases conversion rates by ranking higher in search engines, and is designed to be seen on a variety of platforms and devices. The information on your website should address the concerns of your prospective consumers.

Answering questions like what kind of properties you help consumers locate, what advantages you provide that other brokers don't, and making it simple to contact you may make all the difference.

Few Tips You Must Keep in Mind While Making a Website:

1. Featured Listings

Viewers come to your website to look at houses or properties, and you want to make it as simple as possible for them while still showcasing your distinct position in the market. You may do this by placing highlighted listings of hot properties or the most relevant ones right on top.

2. Client Testimonials

The second thing you should do is provide testimonials from previous consumers who have benefited from you. This aids in the development of trust and the image of authority in the domain.

3. Navigation and responsiveness of the website

Users will bounce off your website if it is not responsive and easy to use, losing you leads and revenue. You should choose a mobile-first strategy. In addition, Google emphasizes responsive sites in its search indexing, which means you'll likely rank better than sites that aren't mobile-friendly.

4. Make sure your photographs and videos are of good quality.

Houses with 20 or more images sell 2x faster because they provide potential buyers with a better idea of how the property appears. With videos, conversion is significantly greater. Photos and videos are very useful for enticing clients to your properties.

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Tip#2: Email Marketing is Still Alive

A smart real estate digital marketing strategy ensures that landlords receive quality leads and that they have a solid follow-up procedure in place to nurture and convert these prospects. Email marketing is one of the finest ways to achieve both, according to a study, thus realtors prefer it over other marketing approaches.

Building an email list is also a legitimate strategy for them to expand their database and, over time, have a larger warm audience that is quicker to convert. Furthermore, unlike other modes of communication like social media or blogs, you have total control over the communication route, statistics, and the ability to segment your audience when using emails.

You should be aware that not all emails are created equal when you subscribe to an email marketing service. To ensure effective communication, you'll need to develop a multi-campaign email marketing plan. A successful email marketing plan should aid in the growth of your mailing list, the generation of leads, and the nurturing of those leads through an effective follow-up procedure.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Tip#3: Facebook Ads Are Relevant

Due to its enormous reach and precise filtering possibilities in the real estate market, Facebook is one of the finest social media platforms for realtors. Furthermore, according to several studies, the majority of realtors utilize Facebook advertisements to sell their real estate services since it provides the greatest ROI and allows them to be hyperlocal with their advertising.

However, one downside is that Facebook's ad manager may be unnecessarily technical at times, making it tough to run the proper advertisements and target the right demographic. This is why it's critical to master Facebook advertisements and understand the kind of ads you should run to maximize your profits.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Tip#4: Implement a Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy 

According to a recent poll conducted by The Close, a real estate website, 44 per cent of real estate brokers got a new customer as a result of their persistent social media efforts throughout the epidemic.

People aren't going to buy just on a single post, but by personally connecting with and following up with your potential customers on social media, you can boost your visibility, brand encouragement, and ability to establish connections (and eventually sales).

Instagram and Facebook are the most popular and preferred social media sites among realtors since they allow for direct connection while also facilitating the transmission of essential company information.

While they're both fantastic platforms, their audiences are extremely different, and the manner you interact with each must be tailored accordingly. To effectively advertise your business on both, you'll need to develop a marketing plan that allows you to post real estate information on both platforms on a regular basis, demonstrate your expertise, build a unique selling proposition, and exhibit your latest goods and services.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Tip#5: Implement a Make Use of Search Engine Optimization

Using the appropriate SEO methods will boost your site's search engine exposure, establish you as a legitimate and trustworthy real estate website, and eventually increase inquiries and sales.

However, when you're optimizing your website, you should pay just as much attention to your local SEO – which will help you acquire the appropriate prospects in your region – as you do to your general SEO rating on Google. You want to rank your website for phrases like "House in Noida" or "Flats in Greater Noida.”

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Top Tips for Perfect SEO:

  1. When running sponsored advertising, create landing pages for each region to generate greater traction.
  2. Optimize written content for location-based keywords such as "houses near me," "condos in...", "houses close....," and so on. This post will help you better grasp the local keyword strategy.
  3.  Create a Google My Business account and put your websites on real estate directories such as BivocalBirds,, and others, as many individuals use these sites to look for homes.
  4. Voice searches are becoming more widespread as a result of the advent of devices such as Google Home and Amazon's Alexa. When you optimize your content for voice search, you may be found on both mobile and desktop. This may be accomplished by incorporating long-tail keywords and phrases that buyers look for. Users are more likely to utilize a complete statement like "find a two-bedroom flat with furnishings and amenities in Noida"   rather than "Furnished Houses in Noida."

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Tip#6: Video Marketing is the New Champ

We've previously demonstrated the value of video in real estate internet marketing. If you're still not convinced that implementing a video marketing plan for your real estate firm is a good idea, consider the following statistics.

- Eighty-five percent of buyers and sellers prefer to deal with a real estate agent that employs video as part of their marketing strategy.

- Those with video receive 4X the number of inquiries as homes without video.

When individuals are looking for a house for their families or an ideal workplace for their teams, you should focus on selling a storyline to develop a connection and generate trust in your real estate video.

To write a script that resonates with your target audience, you must first understand them and their interests. Your video marketing approach might include a variety of different sorts of videos. You may utilize virtual tour clips to show off homes in detail, explanatory videos to answer commonly asked questions, live walk-throughs on social media, aerial footage to show off the surrounding region, and listing videos to post on your website.

You may use what you've learned about the basics of creating a great digital marketing plan for real estate to improve your online presence.