Do you have a small balcony, but want to change its look? Worry not! Whether it is small, spacious or somewhere in between, these days you can do a lot to your balcony space to make it a cozy oasis.

This extended space of our house is our comfort zone and also connects us with the outer world without having to go out. These days, everyone wants to live in a space with a balcony for open air and peace of mind.

The balcony has become a more wanted space during these days for many when most people are stuck in their homes due to frequent lockdowns. During this pandemic, this space has connected us to the outer world in different ways.

Balconies and backyards play a major role when you wish for having a good time and refreshing your mind.​

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If you want to change the look and feel of your balcony to make it appear brand new, here are some decoration ideas for you:

• Give it a theme: You can give a theme to your balcony. For example, you can give it a mini jungle by adding some plants, green carpets, and wooden furniture.

• A vertical affair: If the size of your balcony is small, you can still customize it by thinking out of the box. If you love plants, buy a vertical plants stand and simply put some beautiful planters there. A vertical garden works wonder for small balconies rather than spreading planters all across the floor. Nesting tables and hanging planters are also great.​

• Make it an outdoor space: Your balcony can be a beautiful reflection and extension of your indoor style. We all are already dying to go out and explore the world again. However, this pandemic doesn’t favour us. Why not revamp your balcony to make it look like an extended outdoor space? Hang some dream catchers and wind chimes. Put a coffee table and two chairs under an umbrella. You can also put a swing there. What about a vertical mini library? 

• Chic faux balcony: Even if your place doesn’t allow room for a real balcony, you can fake it. A space for sunlight and fresh air is important. You can create a special window or simply carve out a little sitting area by your largest window to build out a faux patio. Just place a set of chairs, a small side table and a couple of plants and you’ll feel like you’re right out on a balcony.​

• Privacy screens in the balcony: Whether you want to use your balcony for extra seating for guests by opening out the living room door or just want to create a dining area, you still want it to be private. Install a partition screen to block views from the neighbour’s balcony. A natural green barrier can be created using creepers or vines to protect the area from prying eyes from nearby towers or buildings. In this way, you can convert your balcony into a nice cozy corner where you can sit back and relax.

• Balcony farming is a great idea too: If you like gardening, you can think of growing some vegetables, fruits and herbs in your balcony. You can easily grow tomatoes, chillies, capsicum, beans, okra, and other plants in pots as they need less space to grow. And who doesn’t like homegrown organic veggies after all?

• Let’s share your memories: You can take out the print of your favourite pictures from your phone and stick them on your balcony’s wall. You can also attach those pictures to string lights and hang them on the wall to draw the attention of your guests. While it will attract your visitors, it will also remind you of your beautiful past moments.​

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Apart from the ideas mentioned above, you can add some lighting, stones, artefacts, and a love seat to the place to give it a cozy feeling. A swing for fun, a low sitting area, and a low heighted coffee table are going to add more charm to this beautiful outdoor space.

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