In the Delhi NCR, Noida is one of the most liveable cities. The reason for this is straightforward: funding and facilities. It doesn't matter if it's housework, rent, or anything else. So, whether you're looking to rent a room in Noida or are already paying a high room rent, this site will inform you about the cheapest places to live in Noida. Let's have a look at some of the most budget-friendly places to rent in Noida.

Why to Consider Noida for Living?

Noida has become a corporate hub from the past years and will be a great business hub in the coming years too said by CM of UP, Yogi Aditya Nath. The proposed plan of International Jewar Airport in Noida is going to be the biggest in Northern India. This is going to augment the commercial potential of the city.

It’s Spacious

In contrast to the congested regions of Delhi, such as Govindpuri, Sangam Vihar, Khanpur, and Ajmeri Gate, Noida provides fresh open air benefits that aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Well Amenities

Whether it is food shopping, a shopping spree at H&M, or a trip to DLF India mall, you'll find everything you need in one place. Having a property in Noida allows you to make quick purchasing decisions without having to travel.

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Better Road and Locality at Affordable Prices

Noida has been paved through well-built roads and locality with best affordable markets and other commercial areas nearby the residential ones.

Countryside Solitude with a city like throb

Noida offers more than just space; it also provides peace and tranquillity, which is hard to come by in Delhi. You will be closer to nature while yet enjoying the perks of a metropolis if you purchase a house further into Noida.

Way less pollution!

Thousands of Delhi residents have developed major respiratory problems as a result of the state's alarming prevalence of particle matter. Having a home in Noida, on the other hand, provides a healthy reprieve from all of these difficulties.

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Here are the Top 5 places to Consider for Rent in Noida

  • Sector 1, Noida Extension– The numerous real-estate projects have enabled investors to generate consistent returns on their investments. As a result, they offer their property units for rent at lower rates than in other cities. A single room with kitchen costs INR 4500 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment costs around INR 8000 per month.
  • Sector 22- This region of Noida is extremely developed, and many people have lived here for a long time. There are a variety of PG layouts to choose from, each with its own set of amenities. The cost of a one-bedroom and two-bedroom rental apartment starts at INR 8000 per month.
  • Sector 44 and 45- These areas have properties that are close to the major road. Rents for a semi-furnished 1 BHK and a semi-furnished 2 BHK are around INR 7000 and INR 10000, respectively.
  • Sector 137- The Noida Expressway is a short distance away. A newly constructed rental unit will range in price from INR 6000 to INR 12000. Aside from that, the flats are in a gated community.
  • Sector 71, 74, 75, 76 and 78– This is one of Noida's most popular areas, especially for people looking for rental apartments. The rates are rather affordable, especially for 3 BHK flats, which cost around INR 12000 per month.

These are some of the best places where a working professional can easily live at affordable prices. Do check our website for flats on rent in these locations at affordable prices.

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