Tenants generally face many problems when they are into a rented home. These can be general or specific. It is important that you as a tenant find a ‘home’ and not a ‘rented house’.

Here are few problems that we have discussed with the ways to solve these issues.

The Basics

Rent agreement should include the name of the lessee and the lessor, duration of the renting period, per month rented amount, etc. Also, security deposit, per unit charge of electricity, and other necessary elements like who will take care of the maintenance of the house should be mentioned.

A rent agreement is your record. You will never face any issues if everything is clearly mentioned in the rent agreement. Make sure you have a copy with you of the signed agreement. This will safeguard you from any further dispute.

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Phoney mediators

When you are not dealing directly with the owner and lock the deal through a broker. Try to meet in person. If the mediator is hesitating to let you meet the owner, Bang on! That is an alarming call that you don’t have to close that deal. The mediators can take money from you in the name of the owner. Make sure that your owner has knowledge regarding everything.

So let your basic instincts detect that you deal safely. Make sure that you contact the rental home solution firm such as BivocalBirds in order to have a safe dealing. They will not close the deal without your meeting with the property owner.

Conflict of Interests

Every person has a different ideology. There can be a situation wherein you and your owner are not on the same page. Try to understand the perception of the owner before shifting to the rented location. Your owner might not like the frequent visits of your guests. They might not want you to cook anything non-vegetarian due to their beliefs. It is also possible that they don’t like your late-night parties.

In such cases you should consider a rental home property management firm. BivocalBirds is the type of company that takes proactive initiatives over these matters and ensures that you don’t have to suffer over these issues. Our relationship manager assists you through every step and solves your problems so that you can enjoy living in a home-like rented property.

Rent payment

Many times it happens that your landlord calls you for the rent payment before the end of the month. 

Make sure you make the payment online and keep everything on record. This will ease your pressure. Inform the owner on a prior basis if the payment will be delayed from your end.

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Entry of landlords

Many of the tenants complain that owner enters the property anytime they want. They do a check of the property without prior information.

BivocalBirds make sure about this issue and make sure you don’t suffer from any inconvenience. You can also contact our Customer Support Officesfor any such problems.

With the enforcement of the Model Tenancy Act, a clause has been made that landlords cannot enter the property without letting them know. The meeting hour will be under the knowledge of the Rent Authority that will be made under this Act.


Your landlord might ask you to leave the premises on making any nuisance without prior notice period and you have no place to shelter at the moment.

To avoid this chaos let them know about the laws and show them the rent agreement notice period. Try to make a healthy relationship with the landlord to live stress-free.


Hope these tips are helpful to you and now all your stress is out by implementing these solutions as a tenant. To search home without any worries log in to BivocalBirds(your all in one rental home solutions).

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