You may have used a real estate platform for your property searches by now. What could have been the catalyst for this? It could be the belief that websites provide everything on a silver platter. Portals are increasingly serving as trustworthy brokers, informing you of every minor detail. Let's take a look at how using the internet to find a home can improve your life.

Taking advantage of the simplicity

Previously, you had to go to a grocery store with a list of items and settle for whatever the shopkeeper had in stock. There were very few options. If you happen to walk into a supermarket, on the other hand, you will be left alone. You could pick these up if you have a shopping list. You can choose that one if you see something better and your thinking changes to favor the new product. You can also easily browse through your selections and select the one that best meets your needs, preferences, and budget.

Similarly, when it comes to larger purchases such as real estate, most buyers prioritize their budget. You can choose what you want at a supermarket. There is no pitching and no pressure.

Real estate platforms also leave it up to you to pick what is best for you. This is usually the first step in the home search and shortlisting process. According to data, two-thirds of property buyers and sellers in the rental and capital markets use the internet to conduct their searches. Kantar Millward Brown, a market research firm, investigated why customers favor real estate portals. The answer: With real estate portals, the time-consuming procedure of scouring the internet for information, contacting brokers and owners, and making numerous personal visits to verify before finalizing – all of which are hallmarks of the traditional home-buying process – is substantially reduced.

Within minutes, you'll have the correct answers.

Many questions arise in the minds of potential property purchasers. Online searches have been popular, according to researchers, since they provide speedy replies. Imagine having to find someone who can answer your questions at every level of a project's development. This isn't feasible. Consider how much time you'll have to commit to finding out the information if you're lucky enough to discover someone who will respond. To put it another way, what you could do in half an hour using a gateway would take you a lifetime to do by other means.

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Information that is consistent and confirmed

When it comes to making a property buying choice, who do you have the most faith in? Is it your spouse, parents, peers, or friends that have recently purchased a home, or a seller? While these sources may be reliable, real estate platforms provide unbiased and consistent information throughout. A seller may choose one property over another in order to meet his own commercial objectives. A friend who has lately invested in a project may encourage you to do so as well. Friends may make such decisions in order to take advantage of group booking rates. While your family's counsel may be eye-opening, investing should be a prudent decision, and thus, informed decisions are necessary.

Real estate portals do not change their stance. Quality checks conducted by portals such as and various others, ensure that when you browse, you get to see verified listings with genuine content, reviews, price points, and trends. As we can see that internet is available to everybody and they can search for whatever information they need regarding real estate if they feel that information provided by their friends is not reliable.

Searches with assistance

When you need help, a dedicated team of specialists and customer service representatives can be invaluable. Participants in the survey said that a good portal ensures verified photographs of the property, maps and location, and the right price trends, in addition to offering expert reviews, Project updates and floor plans, price breakdowns, agent and broker profiles, resident reviews, and help via chat and call centers are all available. Assisted searches reduce the time spent looking for a house and allow for faster decision-making.

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Intervention by technology

Technology like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) assist in bringing the market to the consumers (rather than the other way around) and making purchasing easier, faster, and more effective. This reverse market cycle is effective, and real estate platforms have aided both buyers and sellers.

AR/VR allows for more responsibility, visualization, and transparency, as well as a higher level of satisfaction. There will be no disputes about what has been promised versus what has been delivered, thanks to technology. It is already in use when people who live thousands of kilometers apart meet in the virtual world to discuss a property that is either for lease or for sale. Niche marketplaces have already begun to attract potential tenants and buyers. For instance, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).


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