A lot of people think that to find houses requires only a suitable property, but it is more than that. There are a couple of more things which you should take into consideration to get the most out of your new property. Many times, it happens that the landlord won’t tell you about the exact condition of their property while signing the documents. But when you enter your new house, you might be surprised to see the actual condition of the property.

There might be damages and hidden things which supposed to be there but are not actually present hence it is vital that you remind cautious regarding the condition of the property beforehand. 

If you are worried about what are those things that might bother you at the time of possession then keep on reading this article as we are sharing some of the valuable insights for your first property rental.

Look for Any Stains, Damages of Carpets, Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

This is the first thing you should look at while visiting a property that too before signing the documents because these are not covered in the agreement and will harm you financially if not covered by the landlord. 

Usually, the landlord covers this in the inspection report and a few small damages and holes can be tolerable but large visible damages and stains can be a real problem if not addressed timely.

Hence it is extremely crucial that wherever you rent out a property you should get them fixed on time to avoid further consequences. 

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Look for Power Supply, Windows, and Switches

This is the most common yet underrated issue you might face during the possession of your new house. But we often neglect this because most of our visits happen in daylight and due to the thumb rule of acceptance, we don’t even bother to switch on the lights or Windows to check whether they are working or not.

But you should always check them to get the best value for your money. Check whether the bulb is working or not and replace them if needed. This way you can ensure the safety of your investment and family.

Look for Ventilation System

Similar to the lighting and damages, the ventilation and temperature control are also of some importance. Observe the temperature inside the room closely and if you feel anything suspicious and find that a bit cold or hot then ask your landlord whether the HVAC system is working properly or not. 

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Look for A Fully Functional Bathroom 

Bathrooms or Washrooms are the essential part of any house hence it is required that you carefully look for any damages or misoperations. Sometimes even landlords forget to repair or replace them. 

If you didn’t find any visible damage in the bathroom then it doesn’t mean that there is any. If possible, then always use flush and taps in the bathroom to ensure smooth functioning. Make sure there is no handle or faucet missing in the bathroom. 

Look Into the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your house and it is necessary that you briefly check what is missing and what is available. Some damages can’t be easily visible and for that, you need to use the things on your own.

Switch on the Owen and look for the leakage and temperature accuracy. Ensure that the sink and taps are working properly. If there are appliances present in the kitchen then it is better that you check them thoroughly to avoid any future consequences. 

Apart from these things, you should check for any types of pests and bugs because you don’t want to live with unwanted creepy guests in your home. Make sure that the landlord took appropriate steps to counter these challenges. 

If all points seem rigorous to you then you can look for expert assistance. A professional rental flat service provider will save the day for your and does everything on your part. Without bothering you. This will not only save time for you but also the resources as well. 

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