Written by: Varisha Jalil

The waves of the Covid-19 pandemic have affected the lives of everyone. The virus is spreading at a fast pace and this pandemic is here to stay for a long time as scientists have found a triple mutation of Covid-19 in India.

For those who are searching for new houses on rent during this pandemic, safety is the most important criterion to be considered.

So, how can you make sure that your search for a rental house is safer and cheaper? 

BivocalBirds team is working effortlessly during these hard times to bring safer and cheaper rental housing solutions to our clients. Apart from giving you the end to end rental solutions your safety is all that matters to us.

We follow some strict protocols to keep your search for a rental house safe during the pandemic.

• We provide a virtual tour of the house: Your safety is our priority. We ensure that you don’t have to step out to search for a rental house. You can just sign up on our platform and we will schedule a virtual tour of the house for you whenever you want. Our representative will do the search work for you and line up multiple options so that you can choose the best. We show pictures of the entire rented premises so that you can go through the property thoroughly without visiting it in person.

We hand over safety kit to our representatives: We provide safety kits to all our representatives. The kit includes a face mask, face shield, and hand gloves. We also provide the same kit to the clients when they come for property visit in-person.

We ensure proper sanitization of the premises: We make sure that our rented premises are sanitized properly through a knapsack sprayer before you enter the premises. Apart from this we also ensure that the property is properly cleaned.

Digital documentation: Keeping in mind the present scenario, we conduct the verification of your documents online. It is an easy and hassle-free process for our tenants. We also get the rent agreement digitally signed and the soft copy of rent agreement is shared to both tenant and landlord.

Thermal screening of representatives: Our representatives as well as our employees go through regular thermal screening daily. This is done with an advanced temperature camera which is the fast-medium to check human body temperature. If the body temperature of any of our employees is higher than the normal temperature, we get their covid19 test done for their as well as your safety.

• Covid-19 test: We get the Covid-19 testing of all the employees done periodically to ensure their safety. If an employee’s Covid-19 test report is positive then they are given enough time to recover from the illness. The positive employees can join again only after their report gets negative and they are fit to work.

Here is one of the many stories of our happy customers who availed of our safe and satisfactory rental services during the pandemic: Our client was looking for a 2bhk apartment in Noida Extension nearby his workplace. He wanted a spacious property with a nice view and a park nearby under his budget and with low maintenance costs. He signed up on bivocalbirds.com by providing his information. 

We got in touch with him within a few hours and scheduled a virtual visit for him on his prescribed date and time. Our representative lined up many options for him. When he selected an apartment of his choice, we showed him a panoramic view of the location and provided him with all the pictures of the house till he was satisfied with the property. 

After he was convinced of the chosen property, he wanted to meet the owners. However, he was afraid of the actual visit and interaction with the owner due to the pandemic. Our representative arranged a virtual meeting between him and the house owner. 

We helped him close the deal once all his expectations were met. We provided him with the gate pass and the safety kit to enter the premises safely. We asked the Owners to sanitize the flat before his visit and also before his final shifting to the new house. Before shifting to his new house we completed the entire documentation process online and sent him his rent agreement by post. We successfully aligned everything for him and provided him with a one-stop solution.

He is just one example. We treat every client in the same manner and help them with our end-to-end rental solutions. We all are together in this fight against the deadly pandemic. The safety of our employees, as well as our clients, is our priority at this moment and that is why we have come up with end-to-end digital solutions for you. 

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