Buying or renting is one of the most important financial choices that an individual faces. It is a huge decision and, therefore, has a long-term impact on the person's financial status and lifestyle. While there has always been a debate if one should buy a house or rent it, everyone has their own perspective on this decision as it impacts financial freedom and flexibility.
However, Zerodha’s Nikhil Kamath, a well-known figure in the finance industry, has something to say for people on both sides. He gave his insights on the topic of whether to buy a house or rent it, and it can be helpful for you in making the best decisions here. So, let us explore what is Kamath's perspective on this and delve into the debate of buying versus renting a house.


Buying a house, for some people, is a cornerstone of achieving a dream. Therefore, many people have a positive perspective regarding purchasing a house for themselves, and as per Nikhil Kamath, it has several advantages to offer. Below given are some of the very crucial points that support the case of buying a house.

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Investment Potential

Real estate is turning out to be one of the most reliable investment options for years now. Purchasing a house will allow you to build equity as well as you can potentially benefit from the property value appreciation that you will experience over time.
According to Nikhil Kamath, buying real estate is a highly valuable long-term investment when the market is growing.

Stability and Security

Homeownership does not only provide you with equity, but apart from this; it also offers you stability and a sense of security. When you have your own house, your living space is under your control.
You are subjected to any uncertainties or external factors which may occur with rental agreements or potential eviction. Kamath emphasizes that if you have your own house, you have a stable foundation for your family.

Pride of Ownership

As we have discussed earlier, purchasing your own house will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment and pride. As an individual, you can customize your living space as per your preferences, and it will reflect your personal style. Moreover, you can create a connection to the community, and Kamath believes that this emotional value connected to homeownership is highly important for many individuals.


Owning a house offers you several advantages, but you must never overlook the benefits that you may get out of renting a house. Nikhil Kamath also recognizes the advantages of renting a living space for yourself and offers a balanced perspective in the case of renting a house. Let us understand why renting a house could be a suitable option for an individual.

Flexibility and Mobility

As per Nikhil Kamath, renting a house provides you with flexibility and mobility in terms of location. You can freely move depending on your job opportunities for personal reasons without feeling the burden of selling your own house.
He also argues that the flexibility to get along with renting a house is highly important for people with dynamic career options. They have got more freedom to explore different areas and therefore, renting is a suitable option.

Lower Upfront Costs

Renting a house involves a lower upfront cost as compared to buying a house. If you are a tenant, you will not be burdened with the downpayment, ongoing maintenance or closing cost. Kamath says that renting can be a more financially viable option, and you can have sustainable savings.

No property-Related Responsibilities

While you are renting a house, you do not have to deal with property-related responsibilities, which include maintenance, repair and taxes. These are the responsibilities of the landlord, and as per Kamath, you can have peace of mind by renting a house. The whole burden of responsibilities that include maintaining and paying taxes lies on the landlord, and you can focus on your life targets.

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Final Words

Buying or renting a house is a crucial decision and largely depends on individual circumstances, financial goals and preferences. While buying can offer you potential investment opportunities and stability, renting offers you flexibility and lower cost and responsibility. As per Nikhil Kamath's perspective, you must consider the importance of both sides of the argument and always make a well-informed decision based on your personal factors.