Some last for a few months while others go a long way, landlord-tenant relationship is unique in its own way. But, it is a mere fact that a handful of tenants and landlords give a thought to building a healthy relationship. After all, it's much more than collecting the rent as a landlord and living in someone's property as a tenant.

Building a healthy landlord-tenant relationship

Here are some tips that can make the relationship last longer.

Find the right fit

It all starts with finding the right tenant. As a landlord, you just can't say yes to anybody who agrees to use your property and pay the rent. After finding a prospective renter, tenant screening is a crucial step in which you need to check a few important things including previous rental behavior, criminal history, credit record, and other aspects. Once you have the access to such important information, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Set realistic expectations

Once you have found the right fit, your next step is to set realistic expectations. Getting on the same page in terms of what you both expect from one another can set the tone of tenant-landlord relations. Let the tenants know how you handle complaints, of course, you want tenants to treat the space with respect, any guidelines that are needed to be followed, what things tenants are responsible to handle on their own, sharing your expectations can make things easy.

Tenants are responsible to inform the landlord if there's something wrong in the house or apartment, all these notifications should be given with respect.

Communicate openly

Radio silence is one of the worst things for tenant-landlord relationships. You need to communicate openly, especially at the beginning of the relationship, Understanding your responsibilities as a landlord (and as a tenant) is a must. You should answer your tenant's inquiries in a timely fashion and it will give your tenants a sense of relief and tenants will come to know that you are a responsible landlord. 

Good tenants and good landlords maintain good relationships. Here is a checklist of good tenants and good landlords.

What makes you a good tenant?

·         You don't slam doors and you know when to play music at full blast.

·         You treat the space and neighbors with respect.

·         Keep the space clean.

·         Pay rent timely.

·         Report any problem with respect.

·         Leave the property in good condition.

What makes you a good landlord?

·         Make sure that the property is safe and well-maintained.

·         You communicate clearly and consistently.

·         Ensure that the property meets all the necessary legal requirements.

·         Keep tenants informed about any change

·         Charge reasonable rent

·         Resolve problems quickly.

The bottom line

Once the right fit is in place, the tenant-landlord relationship can be achieved with ease. You can opt for professional services that can help you in finding the right tenants and also take care of tenant screening. Hope these pointers help you in multiple ways and you can build strong and long-term relationships as a landlord and tenant.

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