What Comes into your Mind when you find a Tenant for your Rental Home?

There can be many things that pop up into your mind like security issue, delayed payment, the reluctance of advanced security deposits, property damage. There can be many dilemmas that may run around your mind.

Picking the right tenant that is hostile and has good etiquette is as difficult as finding a property for yourself. As a landowner, it is important to choose the right tenant in order to save the property and investment you made.
In order to make this process, simple BivocalBirds offers some of the very important tips to look for a good tenant is a property owner.

Checking the Creditworthiness of the Tenant

Before making a decision and closing the deal, it is important to know about the financial condition of the tenant. As the question arises in mind, will he/she be able to pay the monthly rent in advance? At your first interaction, you can get an idea about the financial situation and monthly income of the prospective tenant. For instance, there might be a possibility that a person is a student but he says that he earns on a part-time basis. So here, in this case, you should know about the details of the prospective tenant to have an idea about the financial background or will they be able to maintain the flow of income

Security and Advance Deposit

Preferably to avoid any financial insecurity, ask for the advance security deposit and also prior one month rent. If the tenant is not able to pay both on time, note that he is not reliable and not financially sound to make the payment on time. Also, if the prospective tenant is negotiating for the security deposit, you can grasp the financial condition from here only.

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Type of the Prospective Tenant

The preference of a tenant is entirely determined by the landlord. While some people desire a family, others are content with students or working people. While the property of a family may experience some wear and tear from time to time, for individuals or students, the prospect of departing the property too soon or without notice may be a concern. Similarly, the number of persons residing in the premises must be considered. Furthermore, the type of tenants would be determined by the size of the property. While a family would be more comfortable in a 2BHK or bigger arrangement, students or professional individuals who live alone would choose a 1BHK flat


It is usually preferable to have a tenant who will stay for an extended duration. For example, one year should be the very minimum. However, how long you want to keep a tenant relies on you as the landlord. Landowners, too, do not always desire to maintain the same renter for an extended period of time.

Verification and Documentation

Before making your final selection, you must do a police verification and background check. It is usually a good idea to maintain a copy of the tenant's verification documents on hand, as well as having them checked with the police.

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Don't Discriminate

Practice ethics while selecting a tenant and do not judge a tenant based on his caste, creed, colour, or religion. Treat all the tenants fairly and consider a tenant based on other factors like behaviour and trust.

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