1.   Omera The Farm Stay

It is one of the best farmhouses to visit near Delhi, with mud huts. You won't have to worry about the heat in Delhi-NCR because these huts are fully air-conditioned. There is also an outdoor gym, a pool, and a large lush green garden. In this garden, you can eat your breakfast. One of the best aspects of staying at the organic farm stay near Gurgaon is that you can bring your pets without hesitation.

Distance from Delhi: 25.6 kilometres

2. Peepal Kothi

Peepal Kothi is the ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate. The Aravalli Hills surround the farmhouse, and you can see Punjabi architecture here. The farmhouse sits on three acres of land and has a three-bedroom Kothi. You can choose from the Port House, Mulberry Cottage, or the Dak bungalows. You can spend your time here bird watching or participating in sports and games such as golf, badminton, and board games.

Distance from Delhi: 60.3 kilometres

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3. Pratapgarh Farms

Pratapgarh has been one of the famous farmhouse in Delhi NCR for having a day out. This is an excellent location where you can spend the entire day engaging in a variety of activities. This location will provide you with a wide range of activities, from various types of rides to ethnic games, from outdoor sports to relaxation activities, and even trying out new activities. Your children will appreciate every minute they have with you. This farmhouse is not only great for a fun day out, but the kids can also learn a lot.

Distance from Delhi: 56.6 kilometres

4. Golden Turtle Farm

This property, also known as Aamod, is located in Manesar. Swimming in the pool is one of the best things to do at this farm, as is trying your hand at golf, cricket, football, foosball, basketball, table tennis, and carom. You can also get a massage and a spa treatment here if you want.

Distance from Delhi: 70.9 kilometres

5. Banni Khera Farm

You will be able to witness rural life at Banni Khera Farm, which you will not see in many other farmhouses. While staying in a much more comfortable and well-furnished room, you can also participate in a variety of eco-friendly activities.

Distance from Delhi: 86.8 kilometres

So let’s take a break and visit any of these farmhouses to have fun.

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