Owning a home is never a walk in the park, it takes years of consistent hard work and more than a suitcase full of hard-earned money to buy a home. Buying a home, or investing in real estate is such a big undertaking and there are many emotions associated with it.

Especially, when you are making an investment with hopes to generate a secondary income, the excitement, expectations, and emotions always go through the roof! During this exciting period, you can't really afford to make a mistake, any negligence of safety of the property can bring your life to a halt.

The incident

One of our clients, owning a luxurious flat majestically located in the heart of Noida city, wanted to rent out the property with hopes to generate a secondary income. And, like any other wanting to rent out property owners, he connected with a local broker and consulted about the renting out requirements. Of course, it's an obvious decision one would make in such circumstances.

Ah, a local broker with international confidence!

Some people are blessed with exceptional marketing skills, and the broker proved to be one of them! Every broker, when a new client will approach, will showcase his experience in the real estate industry and will give the assurance of getting the job done, this local broker did the same.

Some people lie so confidently looking into your eyes and you can never know what's going on in the back of their minds.  

A bundle of fake promises came into play!