Makeover of Your Bedroom

Bedroom is a safe haven for most of us. It is one of the most peaceful and essential area of your home. Whether you wish to have a sound sleep after a tiring day at work or just want to lie down for leisure, a bedroom is the only place you count on. It can release you from stress by giving you the comfort. However, if your bedroom lacks comfort and peace, it can aggravate your irritation. 

Here we are sharing some easy décor ideas that can help you change the look of your bedroom and make it a cozy place where you would want to come to relax. 

1. Innovate With Your Nightstands 

Do you find your nightstand to be uninspiring? Look around the home for anything else to replace it before you go out and buy one. A floating shelf, a favourite chair, a stack of books, or even a stack of antique luggage can be helpful. Your room will look more organised and thoughtful as a result of the added charm. To make it look more deliberate, put some artwork just over it. 

2. Play With Shape Repetition 

Repeat a few circular patterns around your room to make it livelier if everything in it feels too square. A huge circle artwork over the bed flanked by two white dome lamps gives it a throwback charm. 

To give your room a unified sense, repeat colours in the same manner you repeat forms and patterns. 

3. Paint Your Ceiling 

We're accustomed to painting our walls, but how about leaving them untouched and paint the ceiling instead? Choosing a perfect colour for ceiling of the master bedroom leads the eye up, making the ceiling look taller than it really is. It also draws attention to the ceiling's architectural intricacy. 

To balance everything out and ground the space, add a rug that's roughly the same size as the area you painted on your ceiling. 

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4. Build Your Own Headboard 

Regular headboards are fine, but huge upholstered headboards that run the length of the room, especially when they include built-in nightstands, are unquestionably superior. Make your own headboard if you have a huge empty bed wall. It is easier than you think, and the work will be well worth it. 

To experiment with the proportions of the room and fill up the blank wall, consider hanging a pendant from the ceiling instead of using a table light or sconce. 

5. Switch up Your Layout 

To make your room feel brand new, sometimes all you need to do is rethink your arrangement. Rearrange the layout of your room by positioning your bed below the window. Even if all of your furniture stays the same, you'll be amazed at how fresh your bedroom seems. 

While you're at it, cleaning your space makes your home feel more curated. 

6. Use the Power of Paint 

While we usually think of walls to be painted, paint one wall with some bright and catchy colour and leave the rest of the walls. The modern method is to paint the shapes or even borders on all of the walls. Paint a crimson stripe along the middle of your walls or use a dark paint colour to line the bottom half of your walls. 

Then, to make your décor feel more purposeful and cohesive, add a few accessories to the space in the same colour as your wall colour. 

7. Go Monochrome 

Make it a challenge for yourself to design your bedroom using only two colours. Choose a rug that matches the colour of your wall paint, and match the colour of your drapes as well. Then, to provide a little contrast, choose a deeper accent colour in a rich fabric like velvet. 

Keep your metal finishes consistent as well, using only one or two, such as brass or blackened steel. 

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8. Add Texture 

Texture is the one thing that every great designer uses to bring interest to a room without overwhelming it. Natural textures with complex textures are not only visually appealing but are also relaxing. This can take the shape of patterns, fabrics, or natural materials like wood. Look for things that make you want to reach out and touch them, or snuggle up and become warm in them. 

9. Switch up the Sheets 

A subtle change like changing the bedding can make a room look completely brand new. If it's cold outside, choose a warm flannel or sateen if you like a silky smooth finish. This gives your bedroom a cozy and positive vibe. 

10. Play with the Patterns 

Patterns are one of the most popular methods to quickly and inexpensively add interest and dimension to a room. Add a pop of colour with an accent cushion or a fun pattern. 

Hope you liked these decoration ideas for your bedroom. Keep reading our blogs for more such ideas. Also, if you are searching for an affordable rented accommodation, visit

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