Written by: Varisha Jalil

Home is the only place where we find our comfort. Go anywhere around the world, ultimately home is the only resting and nesting place where you would want to come back.

Whether you are living in a rented or self-owned property; home is the only comfortable zone where you find peace.  

Along with comfort, attraction is the next big thing that everyone looks for in their home. The most used and seen area of every house is the living room. This is the room where you spend most of your time in a day and where your guests usually sit.

The living room is the centrepiece of a home.  If your living room or sitting room is cluttered or clumsy, it won’t give you those positive vibes that relax your mind.

Imagine living in a room where you can’t find your belongings, don’t have fresh air to breathe, full of dirty clothes and leftover food with bottles rolling on the floor. Definitely, you wouldn’t like a space that is all messy or uneasy.

Only a hygienic and decorated place can give you a comfortable feeling. Sometimes the hygiene can be at the top, but the alignment makes you feel dull or monotonous. 

No space is smaller unless you transform it into a valuable space. We are talking about transforming your small spaced living room into a magic spaced one wherein you and your guests can spend time for hours.

Bookmark these ideas for living room transformation in low budget.

 1. Use the Power of Paint

Adding dull colours, like cream, white, and ivory to all the walls of your living room and giving one wall a vibrant shade that faces to the sofa will add a funky twist to the room. You can also just give the whole room a classy look by giving it a shade of neutral colours, this will give it a spacious view.​

 2. Re-arrange the Furniture

The easiest and cheapest way of transforming the living room is to change the setting of the furniture of the living room. You can just switch the place of the sofa and dining table. Changing the place of the storage shelf will also add a twist keeping in mind that the room needs to look larger than before.

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 3. Look Around Your Home for Decorative Items

Just look for the storeroom items once, the old decorative items can give your living room a classy look. There might be an art piece lying in another room, which can make your living room more attractive. Make use of old vases to give it a twist. Reusing is always better and cheaper than buying.​

4. Add Some Greenery

There are several under-budget indoor plants that grow under indirect sunlight. These plants can be placed in the living room to give it a life.

Snake plant purifies the air and removes toxins providing you the fresh air to breathe in.

Money plant, very commonly used in houses for improving the air quality, bringing prosperity and harmony, is very easy to grow in shady places.

The bamboo plant also adds a very nice look to the indoor spaces like a living room and keeps the surroundings positive.

You can shop for a variety of indoor plants from a nearby nursery or online.​

5. Use Wallpapers

You can also buy some wallpapers. They can be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional. You can go for acrylic mirror looked stickers if it is hard to paint the room. Acrylic mirror sticker can make the living room more spacious than before. You can just buy them online at affordable prices.

6. Changing Cushions

You can change the cushion covers or make DIY cushions by reusing the older ones to give a different look to the sofa.​​

7. Layering Rugs for Coziness

You can lay a rug over the floor beneath the coffee table or near the sofa, making your little space more comfortable to walk and sit.

8. Use Beautiful Curtains

If you have windows in the living room and sunlight enters through it, don’t cover it with thick curtains. Use light shade curtains to let the sunlight come in and make the living room look brighter and spacious. Heightened curtains can also give it a classy and spacious view. Choose for the curtains as per your wall colours and space.

9. Get a Classy Coffee Table

It’s good to have a wide coffee table. However, if there are two coffee tables of small sizes, it would be more comfortable to place your work-related stuff at one and eatables on the other. It will prevent the space from messing up. The colour of the coffee table can be selected according to the theme of your living room.

10. Add Some Murals

Sometimes, hanging a painting on the wall is more convenient than painting the entire wall in a rented space. This will give a good texture to the living room. Get some beautiful paintings, but don’t overdo them.

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11. Use Some Artwork for That Creative Look

You can also use some art and craft material to give more life to your living room. For example, nowadays dream catchers are in huge trend.

12. Don’t Forget the Gallery Wall

Placing your old photos on the gallery wall will give it a theme of memories and it will let you smile at the events you enjoyed. It will also inspire your visitors.

13. Upholster the Old Furniture

The old furniture of yours can perk the interior of your living room. You can create an L shaped lounge of the single low heightened bed by the DIY process. The L shaped lounge leaves more space for the living room making it larger.

14. Low Sitting Area Can be Fun

A low sitting area always gives a charm to the place and can make your rented place feel like your home. Decorate it with throws and cushions. This space can also be used as working space where you can enjoy doing work having a sip of coffee.

15. Light Up the Space

Light brings peace to the atmosphere. The dim lights give it a cozy feeling and keep the pupil dilated soothing you up. You can also light up scented candles to create good vibes.

This is the best time to rejuvenate your living space. As most of us are working from home in this prolonged lockdown, we spend ample time in our houses than going out for work or just hanging around for parties and get together. A small makeover of your living room can add some spice to your rented house and life as well.

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