Are you planning to design your dream house? You need to form a proper plan to help develop the house elegantly. In this process, the front part of the house plays a crucial role. Looking at the front design of the house will define to visitors the taste of the people who have constructed the home.
Mainly the design of the front parts of the house consists of the front walls, fence, driveway, and even the house's rooftop. There are various options for the front design that are available; you can do complete research and choose the best option.

Front Design of House that Inspires Visitors

There is no single front design available for the latest houses. Each option has unique features that make them different from other available options. Let's have a look at some common designs.

1. Wood, Stone, and Concrete House Front Design

The houses are made using wood, and stone is the modern version of the house. People of young age usually go for this option. You can do the imagination and make a house that is as per the demands.
They are an excellent and unique design that will make a living an option full of comfort. The front elevation is quite attractive, which makes it the choice of people. The glass available on the enormous open windows on the first and ground floors is made using a metallic frame.

2. Cottage Style House Front Design

The construction of the cottage-style house front design is both classic and simple. It is like a dream cum true for people who love to live in places that are simple but elegant. The site on the outside will have a beautiful, unique, attractive lawn. Some everyday things in the house will be an indication that it looks like a cottage house:

  •  Outer walls are made of stones.
  •  The roof ate made of a multi-layer style
  •  Glass doors are in the house

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3. Modern Independent House Front Design

It is the front design of a house that is not only simple but it offers an elegant look to people who visit the house for the first time. It has an extra class that increases its value in the eyes of people in such a place. Some features of the home will indicate that it is a modern front design:

  •  Graceful grey walls
  • Eye-catching stone pillar
  • Large windows in a white frame
  • Wood on the floor

4. Victorian House Front Design

Some people call houses with such a design old-fashioned, but others consider it as respect for the old craftsmanship. It is an option mainly designed to show respect to the house construction that was done at the time of Queen Victoria. There are some distinctive features of this front design:

  •  High pitched roof
  • Bay windows
  • Gable trims
  • Tall cylindrical turrets
  • Panel sash windows
    Mainly the victorian house front design is known to be the elements of the Victorian residence. It has a unique design and shape making it a unique option compared to other options.

5. Glasshouse Front Design is Simple

The glasses used on the house's front side give the house a gorgeous look day and night. Though the glasses make the building fragile, the overall look of the place increases manifold.
The glass walls and the windows made at the place are black, and Italian stone is used to make things more attractive. It gives an instant glow to the complete house.

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Having an idea of these simple designs of the front side of the house will make things simple. You can go through all the patterns and then finally choose the one that is as per your taste and budget.
Here the advisable option will be to consult with the architect, who will guide you in complete detail as to which option will be based on the house's location.