Those who intend to build a home on their own must consider several factors to create their ideal home. One of the most significant aspects of the planning process for such a person is preparing the layout of your future home, or Ghar ka naksha as it is known in Hindi. To assist you in building your dream home, a sustainable home naksha design should be in place. Many people are extremely cautious about adhering to Vastu Shastra principles and making the most use of available space to achieve this. How do you make the perfect gear banana ka naksha? Hiring the services of an architect can undoubtedly be beneficial, but you must do your investigation before obtaining a simple Ghar ka naksha.

Ghar ka naksha and plan direction

Properties constructed by Vastu principles are frequently seen to be well-placed, well-ventilated, and even healthier for the residents. As a result, it is critical to follow these guidelines when choosing the plot and its size while creating a ghar design.

There are basic ghar design ideas that will help you make the most of your piece of land, whether it is north-facing or east-facing. According to Vastu, residences facing east, north, or northeast are the most auspicious. However, it is also true that there is no such thing as a negative direction, and little changes to your Ghar ka naksha can help you make the best possible decision about the direction of your home.

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Plan if you want an open or closed kitchen when making the Ghar ka naksha. Families prefer an open kitchen arrangement in places where space is limited since doors and partitions take up more room. One disadvantage of this structure is the difficulty of keeping the kitchen always looking good. On the other side, the advantages are greater. For example, it maximizes space, improves attractiveness, and, because of this ghar design, it becomes a very useful environment.

According to Vastu, the following orientation is ideal for your kitchen. Incorporate it into your Ghar ka naksha.

Laundry area:

The washroom might be used to clean kitchenware or to wash and dry garments. If you look at any Ghar ka naksha ka picture, you will see that the wash area is linked to or adjacent to the kitchen. It is both convenient and practical to create a wash area near the kitchen in your makan ka naksha since there will be enough air and light entering the kitchen and you will not have to worry about an open-to-sky or OTS duct in the kitchen.


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Storage area:

A storeroom should be located near or next to the kitchen. The Raksha Ghar ka should help with this unless you are building a larger home and have enough room to do so, in which case using Vastu principles will be beneficial. Avoid situating the storage room in your home's naksha in the east or north, according to Vastu Shastra. If you wish to store large machinery or equipment, the southwest corner of your basic Ghar ka design is ideal. In general, the north-west and south-west are both excellent places for the storeroom in your ghar design.

Master bedroom:

This is the largest bedroom in the house and will be inhabited by the family's leader and his spouse. When you plan your home, naksha, make sure that all bedrooms are the same size. For example, 12 ft x 12-foot, 12 ft x 14 ft, 14 ft x 14 ft, 14 ft x 16 ft, and so on. The basic rationale for arranging your ghar design in this manner is that you will not have to trim and resize the tiles when the mason installs them. A master bedroom in your naksha Ghar ka should be at least 12 ft × 12 ft, which is the conventional size. If there are no space constraints, you can make it larger. While planning your Ghar ka naksha online, you might design a connected toilet and a dresser in this room. However, keep in mind that toilets should not be located near the kitchen in your Ghar ka Raksha.

How to Plan a Home Staircase:

While mounting the steps in your Ghar ka naksha ka picture, the staircase should always be in a clockwise manner. The Ghar ka naksha design is not appropriate if you are going in an anti-clockwise orientation.

In addition, the steps in your ghar design should always be odd in number - a flight of 15, 17, 19, 21, or 23 stairs, for example. A normal stair is three feet wide, with a six-inch riser and an 11-inch tread. In most instances, the minimum is two feet and eight inches (81.3 cms). Include railings in your house naksha if a staircase is longer than 44 inches (111.8 cms).

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Dining room:

Close to the kitchen is the greatest location for your dining area in your basic Ghar ka naksha. If your home has a staircase, position your dining room in front of the steps in the Ghar ka naksha. It has a nice aesthetic appeal, and the area does not appear deserted or empty. Some homes, according to Vastu principles, may enable the placement of a dining room immediately beneath the stairs, which is a terrific way to make use of the extra space.

Drawing room or living room:

A drawing room/living room is required in the ghar to entertain your visitors. The phrases drawing hall and living room are sometimes used interchangeably, however, there is a distinction. A drawing hall in the Ghar ka naksha is normally at the entrance of your home and for guests who are more acquaintances. If you want to entertain a known guest, you should do so in your living room. Unfamiliar guests might visit the verandah, which was created in the Ghar ka naksha, instead of the drawing hall.

However, due to the limited space in cities, not all residences may have these room dividers readily available to them. If you have the luxury of doing so, make sure to arrange your map properly.

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Toilets in open area:

Every householder needs common toilets in ghar. It should be close to the eating area but not too close, in the Ghar ka naksha, so that a visitor may utilize it without having to travel through other rooms to get there. In terms of hygiene, having a shared toilet is also vital. Non-family individuals that visit you should feel at ease, although your privacy and cleanliness should not be jeopardized. If you do not intend to install a washbasin in the eating area, a shared washroom is an excellent option for the naksha Ghar ka. A shared restroom does not have to be the largest toilet in the home.

Parking and open spaces:

Plan the parking place in your house naksha such that it will still be functional even if you improve your car over time. A 15 ft × 14 ft area is adequate for any type of vehicle. If you have enough room in your naksha Ghar ka, install a lawn. It should preferably be positioned at the property's entrance. Other open areas should also be designed to offer much-needed light and fresh air access into the home.

Making a Ghar ka naksha is frequently the initial step. Before you hire an architect, a contractor, a Vastu specialist, or an interior designer, the recommendations and Ghar ka naksha ka picture will serve as a beginning point.

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Is it possible to make a Ghar ka naksha online?

Yes, you may make the Ghar ka naksha or house naksha online. You may manufacture Ghar ka naksha online using a variety of websites, programs, and software. To proceed with house design, however, a certain level of competence and experience with these apps is required. You may always employ an architect and collaborate on the project.

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