“Atithi Devo Bhawa”

Whether you are welcoming your relatives or friends you are the sole host at your rental home. Inviting the guests to your home comes with lots of responsibilities. You need to put all your efforts to provide comfort to your guests be it, anyone.

Now talking about the rental home, here are some of the explicit etiquettes that we should keep in mind before inviting over a guest: 

Inform to Landlord

No matter how comfortable or warm your landlord is with you. You must be clear about everything. Thus, informing your landlord about the coming of your guests is your prior responsibility. You must also let them know about the duration of staying to maintain a good relationship with your landlord or owner. This is how you don’t meet conflicts.

In fact, before signing the rental agreement you must first clear all the points related to the stay of guests and who can come to the property. These things create chaos later on.

Place of Comfort

Things that you can do to give comfort and a hostile zone to your place are actually restricted. You cannot do the structural changes but can rearrange the stuff to give the place a homely feeling. You can give a separate room to your guest if the flat is spacious or can even make a space that can be privately allotted to your guest. We all need our space and comfort zone, your guest too would require that. Keep this in mind to be a warm host.

Some of the landlords are too gentle that they can even help you out in doing the place for you and provide you with the things you need for the warm welcome.

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Duration of Stay

You should know that how long your guest will stay at your place. It is better to inform the landlord about the same. If your guest extends the duration of stay you must inform your landlord about the same in order to avoid conflicts.

Once you get to know about the duration of the stay you can do prior planning and buy the household kinds of stuff that are needed to give comfort to your guest.

Ask them Beforehand What to Eat

It might happen that the food you prepare is not their choice. You must ask the preferences of the guest before cooking something in the kitchen. If they are known you won’t have to worry about their likes and dislikes.

Don’t be too much formal but get to know about what they like so that you can be a better host. Too much formality can make your guest feel uncomfortable.

What is kept, where it is kept?

Let them know about the simple things like where to fill the water bottle, where are the plates kept, the way to the fridge, where they can place their shoes, where do they have to keep their clothes, etc. Also, inform them about the bathroom belongings so that they don’t have to hesitate.

Also, give them a spare key if you are out so that they don’t have to wait for you outside of the home.

So make your guests feel comfortable at your place. Being too formal can also make them feel uncomfortable at times. Try to ignore that and be friendly!!!

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