When you become a landlord, there are many responsibilities that come in your way and these cannot be ignored. In fact, if you ignore them these can lead to a lot of stress such as financial loss and handling lawsuits. So it is critical that you become proactive and find ways to solve those problems.

Let’s have a look at every hurdle that can come your way being a landlord and also know about some ways to resolve them.

1.    High Turnover Rates – High tenant turnover can quickly deplete your cash flow. When you lose a renter, you must invest time and money in advertising, showings, background checks, and other administrative tasks to get one tenant out and another in. Furthermore, while your property is vacant, it does not create any revenue for you. As a result, if you spend a lot of time looking for a new tenant, you may end up in serious financial difficulties.

How to lower the turnover rates?

The turnover rates can be turned down by knowing what tenants need. Many of the tenants leave due to broken maintenance promises, unexpected hikes in the rent or be deficient in the amenities that have been provided to them.

In order to solve this out, you need to provide all the amenities that have been mentioned, increase the rents if the amenities have been increased.

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2.    Late Rent Payments – Dealing with tenants who do not pay on time can be quite aggravating, particularly if they are repeat offenders. At the same time, waiting for the rent to be paid by the tenants can also be draining for the landlord.

How to get the rent payments on time?

Strictly make obligatory the rent collection. You can also take follow up with the tenants to initiate timely rent payments. Also, know the financial background of the tenant before letting out the property on rent to any prospective tenant.

3.    Legal Troubles – It may seem like a daunting undertaking to learn all of the regulations that relate to landlords, but you must do so to avoid legal issues. As a result, spend some time learning about the laws that relate to you. Also, don't forget to check your local legislation, since certain landlords are required to follow different standards depending on the city.

How to handle the legal troubles?

In case of avoiding the legal issues, government has enforced Model Tenancy Act to preserve the rights of landlords as well as tenants.

Keep yourself updated with all the laws related to renting. The renting laws vary from state to state.

4.    Staying Organised – Landlords have a lot of paperwork to deal with. As a result, if you're not careful, your documents will become unorganised quickly. Not only will this give you everyday worry, but if you lose an essential document, you may find yourself in legal problems!

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How to stay organised?

The way to be organised is to keep everything documented and up to date. Doing this will make sure these documents will be at your fingertips to avoid any further dispute. BivocalBirds provides digital documentation to their clients.

5.    Frequent Evictions – Eviction is a time-consuming and expensive process. As a result, it's critical to do everything you can to avoid the financial and mental toll that frequent evictions can have.

How to avoid evictions very often?

To avoid evictions, search for the right tenant and screen the prospective tenant carefully. It is necessary to check the background of the tenant and also to build a healthy tenant and landlord relationship.

6.    Excessive Stress Over Property Management Responsibilities –

Property management is an important aspect of being a landlord, but it is far from simple. You must screen tenants, collect rent, handle complaints, and keep your tenants satisfied, among other things. All of these tasks, however, can be taxing on any landlord, particularly those who would prefer not to deal with difficult property management tasks.

How to reduce stress over property management responsibilities?

You must screen tenants, collect rent, handle complaints, and keep your tenants satisfied, among other things. All of these responsibilities can be taxing on any landlord, particularly those who prefer not to deal with difficult property management activities. If this describes you, hiring a professional property management company is the greatest option for a worry-free investment experience.


Follow these steps and be a stress-free landlord. Trusting knowledgeable rental home solutions firm with all the tasks of your rented property will remove many of the problems landlords face. Contact BivocalBirds today to find out how our renting, rent collections, evictions, organized documents and other services can help you.

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