Being a landlord comes with many responsibilities as well as worries, including finding a trustworthy tenant, getting rent on time, dealing with a lawsuit, and so on. If you are one, you would know the troubles faced by landlords and handling them properly can stress you out.

Here are some of the most common problems that are faced by landlords in India and how we at BivocalBirds scan help you prevent and improve them.

1. Unable to find a Trustworthy Tenant by Yourself

Finding a tenant and that too a reliable one can be tricky. This is true, especially for new landlords. Getting a tenant requires you to spend time as well as money on advertising, showing the property, running background checks on the prospects, and doing the necessary administrative work to get the previous tenant out and the new one in. On top of that, if your property is vacant, it does not generate any money. So, if you spend so much time and effort trying to find a new tenant, you can get engulfed by severe financial trouble.

To simplify all this, you can avail of the services of We help you know the ideal rent for your property, find a suitable tenant, run background checks, prepare a rent agreement, and collect and credit timely rent to your account. All you need to do is post your property on our website. All these services come at no cost for you.

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2.      Not Getting Rent Payments on Time

We at BivocalBirds help landlords to get rent on time. Through our online rent payment system, you can be rest assured of timely rent payment every month. We collect the rent from tenants and deposit it into your account.

3. Handling Legal Issues on Their Own 

It can be an overwhelming task to learn all the laws related to landlords. Property owners must know these laws to avoid any type of legal trouble. There are many laws implemented by central and state governments to protect the rights of landlords as well as tenants. It can be seriously damaging, personally as well as financially, if you get yourself stuck in any legal situation with your tenant, especially when the tenant is legally right on their part.

To avoid being in any legal trouble, make sure you get a reliable tenant by running background checks and have a legal rent agreement signed by you and the tenant. The agreement must include the rent payment date, terms regarding termination of tenancy and other important clauses.

We can help you with all these things by finding a verified tenant for your property by running background checks on them, collecting documents for proof, creating and sharing online rent agreement, taking care of timely rent payment and managing all other tasks on your behalf.

4.       Difficulty in Staying Organized

Landlords have to deal with a lot of paperwork and if you are not careful enough, that paperwork can quickly become disorganized. It can not only cause you daily stress, but can also land you in a legal trouble if you lose an important document.

We understand this major concern and hence, provide documentation and verification service for our partners. We handle all the documentation work of our partner property owners, including tenant’s verification documents, rent agreement and so on.

5.       Managing Untimely Visits of Tenants

When you put your property for to let, you must expect frequent visits of prospective tenants to see the property before finalizing the deal and moving in. They want to be sure if the property put on rent matches their requirements or not, and therefore property visit is a crucial part of all rental deals. If you are a working professional, managing so many untimely visits can be a strenuous task for you.

That’s where we can be helpful! We provide some useful services in this area for free, including:

Telepresence Meeting: This service enables you to save time and money by remotely connecting you with prospective tenants through video calling. No need to worry about in-person meetings as you can meet with the clients from anywhere and anytime.

Key Management: With our Key Management service, you don’t have to worry about tenant’s visit even at odd hours. Just deposit your property’s keys with us and we will show the property to the prospective tenants when you are not there.

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6.       Excessive stress in handling Property Management Responsibilities

Property management is one of the most critical parts of being a landlord, but it certainly is not easy. You have to deal with a lot of responsibilities, including the verification of tenants, collecting rent, dealing with frequent complaints, keeping your tenants happy, and so on. All of these tasks can take a toll on you and your health.

Our team of specialists takes all these responsibilities from your shoulders and relieves you from stressful property management tasks. We are efficiently capable of handling all these tasks for you.

7. Unable to Prepare Legal Rent Agreement

Not every landlord, especially new ones, is aware of the rental agreement and things to be mentioned in it. A rent agreement involves so many legal clauses and terms to protect the rights of landlords as well as tenants.

We help you with providing the online rent agreement service. Below are the key features of this service:

Rent agreement is printed on E-Stamp paper

We deliver the agreement to your doorstep by courier.

An e-stamped rent agreement is also sent to you online directly through email.

You can sign the agreement digitally from anywhere.

You can avail of our trusted and instant rent agreement service by paying a nominal fee of Rs.379 onwards + government stamp duty.

If you are facing any of the challenges mentioned above, you can call us at +91-9311592231 to avail of our services or visit our website

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