Paintings improve a home's décor. Certain artworks, according to Vastu Shastra, draw beneficial energy when placed in the proper direction. According to the ancient Vastu principles, pictures or paintings of horses have immense value. Horses, particularly galloping horses, symbolize power, success, serenity, and development. As a result, displaying a 7-horse painting or similar artwork in one's home or business is a fantastic method to draw positive energy into one's life.

Importance of the 7 Horse Painting

Horses are considered auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. They represent stability, bravery, power, strength, and loyalty. The act of hanging a seven horses picture is said to have a good impact on many parts of one's life. Running horses represent both speed and expansion in life.

Furthermore, the number seven is considered fortunate. According to Vastu Shastra, placing seven horses painting in the appropriate direction of your home would assist increase one's efforts, resulting in beneficial consequences.

Those who want to expand their business or establish a new one can hang this lucky picture in their office. If you want to improve your financial situation or advance in your job, hang a 7-horse picture in your home.

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Direction for painting seven horses at home

It is critical to comprehend the impact that the painting of seven horses will have when positioned in a specific direction. The south wall of the house or workplace is the greatest place to display a 7-horse artwork. This directly relates to success and renown, thus maintaining the picture in this location will be advantageous. If it is not feasible to hang the painting in this direction, the artwork might be placed on the east or north wall. The north represents money and career. As a result, a 7-horse artwork on the north wall will bring riches to the family. The east is the direction of expansion. As a result, displaying this picture on the east wall is recommended for persons seeking professional advancement.

Can we hang a seven-horse artwork in our bedroom?

Placing the 7-horse artwork in the bedroom, temple, or puja room, study area, or any walls facing the washroom or on the main door is not suggested by Vastu Shastra.

Where should I hang the seven-horse paintings in my house?

The living room is the appropriate area to hang the fortunate picture of seven galloping horses. Remember to hang it in the Vastu-recommended orientation. Place it away from the window and the main entrance.

Where should a 7-horse artwork be displayed at the office?

Placing a mural of seven rushing horses in an office or business establishment is said to be fortunate and bring positive energy. Those seeking business success and advancement can hang this fortunate 7 horse picture on the office's south wall. According to Vastu Shastra, the south direction denotes success and renown. If this spot isn't accessible, hang the picture on the east wall.

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·       When arranging the seven running horses in the Vastu suggested direction, the horses in the photograph should be represented moving in a straight line or symmetry, with no obstacles. They should be represented running on open terrain rather than on the water.

·       It is best to choose a 7 horse’s picture with an odd number of horses.

·       It is important to check that the artwork does not present an incomplete image of the horses.

·       The planet Mars will have an impact on a picture of seven horses on a red backdrop. It will assist to boost one's self-esteem.

·       Seven blue horses represent Saturn and will provide harmony and serenity.

·       Make sure the size of the picture is appropriate to the size of the room. A little picture should not be chosen for a huge and expansive home.

·       Select a robust and Vastu-friendly medium for the painting, such as canvas or wood. Do not use paper as a medium for the painting.

7 horse painting with sunlight

It is considered good to hang seven-horse paintings with a rising sun in the background. The picture is thought to promote success and financial stability in one's life. When hanging this picture in your house or business, keep Vastu Shastra in mind.

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