We can never call our rented house our own but can have that sense of cosiness through which we can feel like it is our home. You might be feeling that there is no purpose in making this place a good one with your taste and preferences because it doesn’t belong to you.

Why do you feel like it’s not your place?

You might feel that the place you have rented doesn’t belong to you so what is the need of giving it your touch. You might even lose interest in living over there. This discomfort will make you feel detached from the place you live in. The reason is that when you get a home of renter you have got nothing over there which you call as yours.

So in order to get that homely feel, you should look at these tips that will help you call it your home till you live there!

·        Bring your belongings to the rented home

Keeping your own stuff in the house will make you feel more like home. This is how you get that feel of personalisation to the place. You will feel detached if you are living in a house where you have nothing of yours. Remember going to your relatives’ or friends’ home where their stuff is kept and you have got nothing over there. You actually feel like a guest over there because nothing belongs to you.

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·        Purchase the items for your rented home

Get beautiful handicraft items at an affordable range and decorate your home. Buy several items for decoration or other household purposes. By doing so you will make space of your kind of things at home. Doing things with your end you get more attached towards those things and have that sense of connection around that thing.

·        Make it green

Plant trees that are easy to grow. Greenery will help you feel more at home. It will not only bring positivity but also give you comfort but a sense of belongingness to your place.

·        Rearrange the furniture

Shift your furniture from one place to another just like you do at your own home. This is how you will feel like it is your own home. It will even break the dullness of the place.

·        Cook your way

Cooking the food at your home will actually give you a sense of belonging. A home cannot be called home if the fragrance of food doesn’t revolve around your living room. Prepare it with love and emotions. It will not only help you feel like it’s your home but also help you attach to that home.

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·        Clean your place

Cleaning your space by yourself will give you a more positive and touchy feel. When we do the work from ourselves like doing the bedsheets, washing the curtains and cleaning the rooms we feel so positive and attached.

·        Make some DIY useful materials

You can make some useful items that you use daily by doing it yourself. When you will bring the DIY items in regular use you will realise that the house is filled with your kind of stuff everywhere. Hang some beautiful pictures of yours and your family to give it a ‘Your Touch’.

·        Invite guests at home

When you invite the guests it will give you a host feel and a sense of belongingness. You would love the feel of being at home with your guests. This is how you can get indulged with your

Apart from these tips try to treat the rented house as your own so that you can feel more attached to the place.

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