Smriti is new to the place and looking for a home on rent that is near to her office. Being a bachelor she is afraid she might get caught up with the phony brokers causing fraudulent activities in lieu of providing the best deal.

From a couple of days she has been viewing several properties but couldn’t find the best one. She invested her daily hours to search the right home and not able to get a good rented home.

Due to this she reached home late in the night, lost her health, and missed her important appointments. Even reached late to the office the very next day. Her notice period given at the previous place was ending and the time has arrived when she had to relocate from this place. Keeping this in mind she had to make her choice and switch from the existing place. So she compromised with her choices and lived in the place with which she wasn’t that pleased.

This was a short story that led Smriti into trouble. She couldn’t get her right home as she was not able to view all the properties in that loop of time. If she would have taken the help of the property management companies that provide the best rental home services and does good maintenance of the property.

How can we do the 3600  virtual House Tours?

Virtual house tours can be done through videos, panoramic views, and through augmented or mixed reality HoloLens.

Here we have some of the reasons because of which you should prefer having 3600 virtual tours.

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Save your Time and Hassle

You can save enough time when you get to see the property through virtual tours and this saves your struggle of moving here and there in search of a good rented house. It would hardly take 5 minutes of yours to view the rental property.

Cut back on the cost

You can save a lot of money from these virtual tours as you will get the videos of the property at no cost. You would have to spend money if you actually visit some location to have a view of the property you wish to dwell in at rent. Virtual tours save your money on visits.

View property from anywhere

Feel like every house is near to you. You won’t miss out any urgent work because you had to visit property. No need to schedule a visit for viewing any property.

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View property multiple times

Virtual house tours give you the liberty to browse through many properties within a very short span of time. This will help you in a better decision making.

Easy to compare

Once you have seen all the properties it becomes easy for you to compare between all the options and shortlist the right one. While if you view the property through an actual visit you would have missed the important details. Virtual tour will give you the access to view the property as many times as you wish.

So prefer virtual tours of houses when you wish to see the rental properties. BivocalBirds offers 360 degree view to the rental property and assists you in finalizing the best deal for you.

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