Some seekers are increasingly resorting to gated communities as urban centers become more volatile. While such projects may produce a relaxing atmosphere, they do so at a cost. "However, the financial burden is greater," adds Rahul Shah, CEO of Sumer Group.

  Pros and cons: In Housing Society

      It is safer for families because it is guarded and has CCTV cameras.

1)    There are typical, business complexes located within the community to meet daily demands.

2)    Because of the amenities supplied, a flat in a gated complex commands a higher price.

3)    Commuting may be challenging if you are located far from the city Centre.

4)    Gated communities have property prices that are 10% to 40% more than independent buildings.

5)    Families usually prefer it.

Gated communities:

Many best societies in Noida with guards and CCTV cameras, these communities provide a safe atmosphere for families. Many complexes also include backup electricity, purified water, and solar-powered heating systems, among other necessities. Commercial complexes may be present in a well-built neighborhood to meet the needs of its people on a daily basis. Shopping malls, schools, and hospitals, all of which are located within or near the neighborhood, contribute to increasing demand for such developments, to form interpersonal bonds with people who are like-minded.

The cost of living in a gated community is the most significant disadvantage. "A gymnasium, health center, sports complex ARE ALL COSTLY. To provide a calm environment, several gated communities are located distant from business centers. As a result, commuting may become more challenging."

Visitors who come to see the residents may be irritated by the meticulous security checks carried out in gated communities. Depending on the type of security, security guards, and gate opening/closing, among other things, may cause delays in free movement and inconvenience to some persons.

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Prices and rentals

In a gated society, the buyer may risk being cheated of promised amenities and delivery. A well-built and gated society may contain various commercial complexes, to serve the daily requirements of its residents.

  • Facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, health centers, and sports fields, are added benefits, which come at a premium, adding to the cost of living.


  • To settle the stress, large societies have infinite green expanses. Needless to say, such a green area is a great stress-busters. Segregated pathways provide much-needed space to a society's people, in addition to offering unfettered movement for children and the health-conscious.

             Changing color to green

  • Aside from lush greenery, new residential communities have eco-friendly features in place to improve your quality of life. Rainwater harvesting, CNG-based power backup, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, and other environmentally friendly technology provide you with healthier surroundings.

Profitable proposition

Finally, putting money into a decent housing project is always a solid business decision. It always ensures a positive outcome. Apart from the fact that it provides a place to live, communal living has a slew of benefits that justify its cost.

A democratic management system is in place.

A housing society's members have equal rights and advantages. The members of the office-bearers are chosen by secret vote and are elected unanimously. Your money is safe if you buy an apartment in a cooperative society, and you may rent it out if you don't live there. In this manner, you can rent out the property and generate a consistent income.

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Responsibilities are distributed evenly.

After a comprehensive study, a housing society is a legally created business where houses can be rented or purchased. As a result, you can be assured that your property is in a secure area. Living in a cooperative housing organization provides you with the convenience of being part of a responsive community. Because there is a joint duty and the finances are subject to inspection and audits, a proper economy can be expected.

There are various social groups represented here. Tenant ownership refers to housing societies where the land is leased to the society but the dwellings are owned by the society members. In certain communities, the society owns both the buildings and the land. Members are assigned flats by society. There are housing mortgage organizations that lend money to members so that they can build their own homes.

There are numerous guidelines to follow.

If you own a flat in a society, you must adhere to a number of severe rules and restrictions. Being a member of society is difficult since you must follow certain rules and may be subjected to an interview. There are several limits that may deter you. If you want to keep a pet, you might not be able to. You can't undertake any renovations without the permission of society. These are some of the drawbacks or annoyances that come with living in a cooperative housing association.

Because the society has a tie-up with a specific bank, you may not be able to get financing for the development of your property from the bank of your choosing. Society will choose service suppliers as well. It will be tough for you to sell your home because society may impose requirements that are incompatible with your transaction. Even renting out your home will be difficult. Prior to settling your tenant, you must gain the trust of all participants.


Society is a legal entity that exists on an ongoing basis. It costs money to run a society. if you want rental accommodation in the best housing society in Noida and Greater Noida, visit our website

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