Finding a rental house is difficult to a certain extent, but living in that rental accommodation peacefully by maintaining a healthy relationship between tenant and landlord is not easy. Being a tenant, you need to go through all the terms and conditions and follow them to maintain good terms with your landlord.

BivocalBirds builds a bridge that smoothens the relationship between tenant and landlord. We will solve all your rented home problems, from hunting for a perfect home to shifting you to your new home without any hassle. You need to log in to BivocalBirds for initiating the rented home search.

Here's a list of a few things that will make your life a lot easier as a tenant and help you avoid issues.

Do's that will help you maintain good terms with the landlord

  • Treat your rented home like your own house.
  • Get acquainted with all the necessary things with the landlord related to the rental property before you move in.
  • Clear all your doubts before you shift to your new house.
  • Go through the rent agreement carefully and know all the terms and conditions written in it.
  • Sign the rent agreement carefully only after reading.
  • Make sure that you and your landlord are in mutual consent before signing the rent agreement.
  • Notify the appropriate utility companies of your move into rented housing.
  • At the time of moving out, return all keys in your possession.
  • Let the owner check your rented accommodation before you finally leave the rented premises.
  • Inform of the repairs that need to be done from owner's end.
  • Ensure that you pay monthly rent on time.
  • Make the payment online so that you can have a record.
  • Know the background of your owner before shifting to your rented house.

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Please don't do these things to avoid trouble 

  • Making late rent payment as this can affect your image and also increase your liability.
  • Doing the things your landlord has forbidden you to do will make your relationship weak with the owner.
  • Sign before reading the terms of the rental agreement.
  • Holding the security money for no reason.
  • Negotiating the rented 
  • Ask the owners frequently for problems, as this will irritate him.
  • Be rude or aggressive while talking to the owner.
  • Leave the rented premises without prior notice.
  • Break the terms of the agreement without any specific reason.
  • Create nuisance in the property and trouble your neighbours.
  • Counting security deposit as monthly rent.
  • Carry out any repair or decoration work without prior information to the landlord.
  • Refuse to make the payment of additional work for that you have asked the assistance of landlord.
  • Hand over the property to the owner as you received when you occupied the 
  • Subletting the rented premises without permission from the owner.
  • Staying guests or visitors for a longer duration without informing the owner.

Enjoy living in the rented house without any worries by following these dos and don'ts in compliance with rental accommodation rules and regulations. BivocalBirds provides rental home solutions without any hassle to their tenants from searching to shifting.

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