Bollywood's 'Khiladi,' Akshay Kumar's mansion, is tucked near Juhu Beach in the uber-luxurious Prime Beach complex, with views of the Arabian Sea. The Akshay Kumar residence in Juhu is a landmark not just for fans visiting Mumbai, but also for hundreds of netizens who follow the daily updates posted by his wife Twinkle Khanna, a prominent designer, novelist, and columnist in her own right.

House of Akshay Kumar and other properties

According to Moneycontrol.com, Akshay Kumar has purchased a flat in Mumbai's Khar for Rs 7.8 crores. The flat, which is 1,878 square feet in size, is located on the 19th level of the Joy Legend building in Khar (West). The property has four parking spaces and was registered on January 7, 2022.

Akshay Kumar sold an office unit on the first floor of Bharat Ark in Andheri (West) to Sunshine Pictures Private Ltd for Rs 9 crores in December 2021. On December 21, 2021, the selling transaction was recorded.

From a lavish Goa holiday house to a whole hill cottage and flats in Canada and even a premium property in Mauritius to numerous more Mumbai apartments, Akshay Kumar's portfolio may put several mid-sized developers to shame.

At the end of the day, though, the couple returns home to this gorgeous Prime Beach duplex in Juhu, which is a stunning testament to their taste.

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The cost of Akshay Kumar's Juhu home

This Rs 80-crore tastefully designed duplex is in one of Mumbai's most expensive areas, which is understandable given Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's astonishing net worth.

The couple, their children Aarav and Nitara, and their pet dogs live in Akshay Kumar's Mumbai flat. Hrithik Roshan's new flat is also in the Prime Beach complex, where Akshay Kumar's sister and mother also have homes.

The theme of Akshay Kumar's house decor

The enthralling Akshay Kumar residence Juhu is a duplex created by Twinkle Khanna herself. The living room's focal point is a beautiful pond, and the organic theme is extended across both levels with nature-friendly décor and plenty of greenery. Twinkle has planted a mango tree in the orchard cum garden/lawn that surrounds the residence, which reminds her of Rajesh Khanna, her father and one of India's biggest celebrities. The main floor features a luxurious walk-in closet, an immense kitchen, and a home theatre, while the top level is dominated by grey.

The family has a beautiful and broad view of Juhu Beach. Don’t be shocked if you see the pair strolling down the beaches till they reach the Marriott for a romantic date night. That is the property's proximity to the beach.

It is surrounded by magnificent grass and an orchard, and the flat is strewn with numerous pictures, mementos, and artwork. Blue dominates the yard, while brown and beige dominate the interior of the duplex residence, draping everything from the couch and walls to the floor patterns.

The earthy, organic, and nature-friendly décor concept is a prominent element for this Juhu apartment, and patterns, ranging from wall pineapple prints to vivid Ikat bedspreads, have been widely utilized.

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The residence of Akshay Kumar in Juhu has various interesting characteristics, including:

·        Klove Studio's 13-part pendant light fixture graces the living room.

·        The center table was created by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.

·        Through a glass wall, the eating room overlooks the orchard.

·        The bedrooms, Twinkle Khanna's home office, a balcony, and a pantry are all on the first level.

·        The first level is decorated with Italianesque couches, south Indian silver statues, and European figurines. Feminist artwork by Shipra Bhattacharya and Rekha Rodwittiya may be found here.

·        A daybed has been placed comfortably on the balcony, where the family may play indoor games like backgammon and ludo while admiring the verdant scenery outside.

·        Twinkle Khanna is a huge bookworm, and her home is full of nice reading zones, such as an area adorned with empty gin bottles, a child's drawing, and a multi-purpose shawl, as well as her favorite coffee bean and vanilla candle.

·        The Akshay Kumar residence has an area of greenery that appears to be half-forest and half-farm.

·        Here, the family raises their own tomatoes, brinjals, mangoes, and sapotas, among other things. The garden includes its own pond, which has a magnificent Buddha head emerging from the water.

·        Almost every wall in Akshay Kumar's home is covered in modern artwork by both young and established painters.

·        Sumati Morarjee, a liberation fighter and companion of MK Gandhi, had lived in Akshay Kumar's Juhu home. During his trips, the father of the nation would spend time meditating on the grounds here. Today, the precise place is marked with a stone statue.

The lawn in Akshay Kumar's Mumbai home features plenty of outdoor equipment, such as swings and sofas, making it perfect for family picnics and hosting parties.

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