The kitchen is the most vital room in any home. The aura of your kitchen is critical to the health and happiness of your family. Here are some dos and don'ts to consider when designing your kitchen.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen Stove – The stove is one of the most important parts of the kitchen, representing the fire element, and it should be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen, where the lord of the fire resides. Also, keep in mind that cooking should be done with your back to the east.

Sink – Because it represents water, the sink should always be kept in the northeast direction. Also, keep in mind that the sink and stove should never be kept next to each other because they are opposing elements that repel each other.

Windows – Exhaust fans can be installed in the windows to keep your kitchen ventilated and breathable. The exhaust fans should be installed in the kitchen's southern direction.

Colours – The colours on your kitchen walls should be vibrant, such as yellow, red, green, and orange, as they will not only make your kitchen Vastu compliant, but will also improve the look of your kitchen, making it trendier and you happy.

Storage – As per vastu principles, the cupboards for storage should be installed in the kitchen’s sourthern and western walls. The northern and eastern walls are two directions to avoid.

Electrical appliances – Because the majority of kitchen appliances are related to fire, they should be placed to the southeast. As always, don't keep them pointing northeast.

Water – According to Vastu Shastra, the placement of drinking water is critical. Water bottles, R/O purifiers, earthen pots, and other water-related vessels should be stored in the northeast.

Entrance – The entrance to the kitchen is just as important as the layout. The kitchen door should be on the east, west, or north side.

Toilet/bathroom – The toilet/bathroom should not be located above, below, or next to the kitchen.

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Dos and Don’ts for kitchen vastu


·         A kitchen should not be located in the house's north-east corner. It causes mental anguish and loss. If your kitchen is in the North-East corner, take remedial measures recommended by a good Vastu practitioner to mitigate the negative effects.

·         Your kitchen should not face south-west, as this causes conflict among family members.

·         A kitchen should never be located in the north, as this is a position of wealth. Having a kitchen in the North will incur a slew of uncontrollable costs.

·         The kitchen should not be placed directly above or below the pooja or prayer room, the toilets, or the bedrooms.

·         The kitchen's main door should not be placed on the south wall; instead, it should be placed on the north, east, or west wall.

·         Make sure you're not cooking with your back to the sun, as this can cause health problems for the cook and financial losses for the family.

·         Never use black for the kitchen's flooring or walls.

·         The stove or hob should not be placed directly in front of the kitchen's entrance door.

The fridge should not be facing north-east.


·         The kitchen should be located in the house's east, south-east, or north-west corner.

·         The platform should be in the East and South-East corners, and the hob should be a few inches away from the wall in the South-East corner.

·         Place the sink in the north-east corner of the kitchen, and keep your drinking water and glasses on the same side.

·         Windows or ventilation should be located on the east or west wall.

·         If you have a dining table, place it on the west or north-west side of the modular kitchen.

·         Your pantry should be oriented to the south or west. All of the grains and spices are included.

·         While cooking, the cook should face East to ensure good health for the entire family.

·         Orange, red, yellow, brown, and rose pink are good colours for the kitchen floor and walls.

·         The oven, mixer-grinder, and toaster should all be placed near the south wall. The fridge can be placed in the kitchen's north, south-west, or south-east corner.

·         Water bottles, earthen pots, and drinking vessels should be stored in the northeast.

·         Refrigerators should be kept facing southeast, west, south, or north. Avoid northeast at any cost.

·         The cylinder should be positioned in the southeast corner of the room.

·         The kitchen door should never be facing the toilet door.

·         Clean your kitchen and utensils every day before going to bed.

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Is it really important to organise your kitchen according to vastu?

Everything, living or non-living, contains energy, which can have a negative impact on us if we don't know how to protect ourselves from it.

Because the kitchen is the most important part of the house, Vastu tips for the kitchen come into play.

You can use Vastu shastra to balance these energies and use them to your advantage.

Food is cooked in the kitchen, and it provides us with energy. And this energy allows you to go about your daily activities, but what if there is an imbalance in the energy coming from the kitchen? Willn't the food create negative energy within you?

There are numerous things that must be placed in the proper order, and all necessary precautions must be taken when using it.

You will learn about these topics on this blog. As a result, according to Vastu Shastra, it is critical to balance the energies present in the kitchen.

FAQs for vastu of your kitchen

Which is the best kitchen direction?

According to Vastu shastra, the best direction for kitchens is south-east. If you can't find a suitable location in that corner, the northwest direction will suffice.

In a kitchen, where should a gas stove be placed?

The gas stove should be placed in the kitchen's southeast corner.

Is it safe to cook with my back to the west?

Cooking with your back to the west is not recommended because it can lead to a variety of health issues.

In the kitchen, where should water pots be placed?

Water pots and other utensils should be kept in the kitchen's northeast corner.

In a kitchen, where should appliances be placed?

Because kitchen appliances are associated with fire, they should be placed in the southeast direction.

According to Vastu, which colour is best for the kitchen slab?

The answer to this question is dependent on the kitchen's orientation: – If your kitchen faces east, use a green or brown coloured slab.

– Slabs in maroon, brown, or green are recommended for south or southeast orientations.

– For the west, a grey or yellow slab is ideal. – For the north, a green slab is ideal.

Which way should a garbage can go?

It should be placed in the kitchen's northwest corner.

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