Living rooms are the most prevalent section of every home, whether contemporary or traditional, for the simple reason that man is a social animal by nature. Hence, need a space where he can mingle with others while also spending quality time with his family. “Your living room works for two purposes: a peaceful time with your family and socializing. One space serves two purposes, it's critical to maintain its Vastu,” explains Dr. Madhu Kotiya, a health, mind, and soul doctor. She offers Vastu Shastra advice for attracting positive energy. 

If you want your visitors to stay with you for a longer amount of time, you should place your living room towards the direction of the South West. This location, however, is ideally suited for a master bedroom. 

Let's have a glimpse of all the necessary elements for your living room Vastu:

Direction of the Living Room

- The orientation of your living room should always be East or North. If you have a south-facing property, though, your living room might be located in the southeast corner. Although, for a living room, the north orientation is more favourable. 

Entry of the Living Room

- West entryway is good according to scholars and researchers, South East South, North East entryway shows achievement, but then much hard effort is required to reach the entrance in North East encourages progress in all aspects of life. South is inauspicious for entrance in living room. 

- If you want to place your prayer room in a direction then, the North-East is the best place to do so because God rules in this direction. 

-If you don't enjoy night parties and get-togethers, place your living room at the north-west corner of your home. Because “air” is the reigning element in the North-West portion of a home, visitors become restless after a while and prefer to depart early.

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Door of the Living Room

- The door of the living room in East or North brings positivity in the atmosphere. South, North-East or South-East entrance indicates success but then it takes lot of hard work to achieve it. West entrance is good excellent for scholars and researchers. North-West entrance results development in all areas of life. South entry is problematic for the living area. 

Location of Furniture and Objects in the Living Room

- Keep any inside furniture, objects, and heavy items on either the west or south side of room. If there isn't one, use a 1-3-inch-high foundation to keep furniture in the north or north-east. 

- Place the television in the south-east corner of the room; otherwise, it will break down frequently. Only if the television is placed in the north-west corner will the family squander a lot of valuable time watching it. 

- Keep telephone in South-East, East or North, and not in North-West or South-West. 

- Place air conditioner and air cooler in North-West, West or East and never in South-East.

Seating Arrangement of the Living Room

- The family's head of household should sit in the living room facing east or north so that he stays in authority and guests are unable to control him. 

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Place of the Artwork in the Living Room

-In the north-east wall or corner, you can display portraits of Gods or a magnificent picture. Any portrait showing bad energy, such as violence, crime, or sorrow, should be avoided. 

Colours and Patterns of the Living Room

- Avoid using circular, oval, or any other form of furniture in the living room. North-east windows and doors should have light curtains, whereas windows and doors towards the south-west should have heavy curtains. Place a staircase in the living room's south, west, or south-west corner. 

- Use light yellow, white, green or blue colors for living room walls. 

- In the South and the North and the North East of the living room hang a chandelier not in the center, and place the fish aquarium in the East, North-East of the living area. North is the ideal point to set a water fountain. 

Keep it Clean and Green

- If feasible, maintain clean and empty the North East corner of the living space. Maintain some healthy plants at this place. Avoid keeping fake flowers, dried flowers or plants of cactus or bonsai. 

A place where you sit and enjoy is your living room where you can sit long for hours and enjoy watching TV and having long conversations. If you are looking for a perfect house on rent in Noida extension according to Vastu interior, search for BivocalBirds.

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