Vastu means environment, and it is an ancient medieval and Indian knack. VastuShastra is considered good practice for designing spaces and buildings and keeping them free from metaphysical conduct and forces. They are assumed to bring wealth, health, and serenity to the residents. The main center of attraction of every home is the living room which represents the social activities at your house. 

You should use Vastu principles to design a cozy and inviting living room and bring harmony to your home. You can get ideas for patio designs from BivocalBirds which are helpful in offering the correct type of energy that can flow into the house.

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  • Usually, the main door of the home leads to the living room. It serves as a kind of gateway for positive or negative energy.

  • You can consider the best entrance door positions to be northeast, east, and north.

  • The entrance should be kept well illuminated with an addition of a nameplate or a floral to run.

  • Try avoiding putting a shoe rack beside the door.

The direction of the Living Room

As per Vastu, it is considered that the living room should be directed facing east, north, west, northeast, or north.

If the living room is connected to the dining area, then that should be positioned to the Southeast or east of the living room, lying close to the kitchen.

Furniture Layout

You can avoid furniture which is old-shaped or rounded and can choose rectangular pieces or square pieces types. As compared to synthetic materials, wooden furniture should be given preference as it provides more energy vibrations.

If you have heavy furniture is like so fast that it can be placed in the Southwest or west corner of the living room.

Color Scheme

As per VastuShastra, different kinds of energy or attracted from other colors. You should avoid the use of dark colors and rather than can select neutrals like beige, cream, and white. In addition, you can also use warm, yellow, green, and blue colors in the living room.

The black and dark red colors are assumed to have a tendency that can absorb negative energies. So it would be better if you didn't use these colors in the living room. Take out the broken mirrors, cracked classes, and any old electrical appliances if present in the living room, as there are chances that these can attract negative energy and can bring bad luck.

You can make use of artworks like real flowers, which give nature and positive vibes. Avoid using dried flowers like characters or bonsai in the living room, and don't even use artificial flowers. You can also use Erica's palm, snake, plant, money, plant, and spider plant, which can bring a relaxing and peaceful vibe along with the presence of a fish aquarium put in the north direction of the living room.

For Wealth and Prosperity

  • If you are looking for Vastu tips for bringing wealth and prosperity, then you can use the Vastu design ideas by BivocalBirds. 

  • To attract good luck to your home, you can buy a painting or water fountain which represents the flow of water in the north or east of the house. 

  • You can also light the lamp and can place it near the water flow to attract wealth and prosperity. 

  • This can work out in a good way and can give you effective results.

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Final Words

If you are thinking of attracting positive energy to your home, then you can consider the tips from VastuShastra. Most people believe that Vastu plays an essential role in regulating energy flow. 

So you can consider all such mentioned things for attracting positive vibes in the center of your home that is living area or living room. Also, by arranging furniture and paintings, and other essential things, you can improve the attractiveness of your living room and your home overall.