Finding a home at no brokerage has become difficult these days. The rental market is so unorganized that you cannot think of renting a flat without brokers. If you rent your property at BivocalBirds through these tips it will be rented quickly.

Here are some of the tips to rent a flat without brokerage.

List your Property for Free.

You can anytime list your property online for free. Register for free on the listing portal. Enter your property details after signing up.  Your property is ready to be rented. Enter all the details like furnished or semi-furnished, measurement, amenities, and other necessary plus points of your property like located near the market area.

Advertising of your Property on Multiple Channels

You will get your property advertised at different channels and get it rented faster. Here you will get your property marketed over different platforms. If you rent your property simply through brokers they will reach less of the audience as they don’t have any official ways to market the property out.

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Hand over your keys to our key cafes

You can hand over your keys to the BivocalBirds key cafes. You can safely give your keys and manage with the house visits. BivocalBirds will conduct the house visit of your flat and won’t let you miss the prospective tenant. Our relationship manager will take off the keys from your home within 8-10 km of range. This will facilitate renting your home easily.

Manage your property

You can get your property managed through BivocalBirds. You don’t need to be worried about the repair and maintenance of the rental flat. The whitewash and other tips and top of your property are necessary to let it rent faster. The property will be on ‘to let’ faster if you get it rented. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance and whitewash. You will get the audit reports. BivocalBirds will take care of your property from moving in of the tenant to moving out.

BivocalBirds’ property management and property listing feature will provide you with the right tenant in no time and will help you in reducing your brokerage.

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