As a woman thinking about living by herself for the first time, maybe you are leaving your family house, ending a relationship, or just want to experience more freedom. Getting your apartment is an exciting step forward. But it is normal to feel a bit worried, too, mainly about safety. If you learn some important tips and be careful, you can live alone with confidence and like all the good things about having your own place. Here are the most essential tips for women living and renting alone:

Prioritize Security When Apartment Hunting

When you are looking for the best apartment, safety is important. Choose apartments that have systems to control who can enter, cameras for security in places everyone uses together, and well-lit paths like corridors, stairs, parking areas, and entryways outside. When you visit apartments, make sure to see if the doors come with strong locks and deadbolts. 

It is important that windows can lock well, too, particularly if they are on the first floor. Also, check for a peephole in the main door. Feel free to inquire about security measures from your landlord or the person managing the property. Well-maintained buildings where the management is transparent about safety are always a good sign.

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Get to Know Your Neighbors

A good method for staying safe is to create a sense of community with the people living near you. Say hello and introduce who you are when you first arrive, and try to maintain a pleasant relationship with them. Swap telephone numbers with some reliable neighbours to reach out to one another during emergencies or when observing any strange behaviours. When neighbours are vigilant and care for each other, it serves as a strong obstacle against criminal acts. As a bonus, you may end up making some great new friends!

Never Advertise That You Live Alone

Do not do things that show unknown people you live alone. It is better to only write the first letter of your given name and your full family name on your mailbox, doorbell, or list of names for apartments. When you meet someone who comes to fix something, or a person delivering something new, or people you do not know, say "our apartment" instead of "my apartment." 

If somebody asks whether you live by yourself, tell them no and talk about your partner, family member, or friend who shares the place with you as if it is normal. Please do not put messages on your door to say you are away. It is possible to place big boots for men near your entrance to suggest a man lives with you.

Upgrade Your Door Locks

Even when your flat has good locks, you can still make it safer by installing additional or better locks. A person who works with locks can put in a stronger strike plate, an improved double-cylinder deadlock, an alarm for the door, and also a chain lock or swinging bar to use while you are inside. 

Always have a rule to lock your door when you leave, even for short tasks like disposing of trash or getting mail. If allowed by the owner of the house, think about buying an advanced locking device that lets you give temporary codes to visitors and sends messages to your phone each time someone opens the door.

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Use a Security System

A security system provides additional reassurance and a fast method to call for assistance during an urgent situation. You have the choice of selecting a professionally watched system, or you can choose the less expensive self-monitored type that sends notifications directly to your mobile phone. 

Many new systems are good for people who rent, having parts that use no wires and won't harm your walls. You can simply install sensors on doors and windows, devices that detect movement, and cameras for security that allow you to view and talk with individuals at your door through your phone. Remember to place stickers of the security system on your doors and windows; it can discourage people who might want to break in.

Light It Up

Thieves and attackers search for shadowy, concealed places where it is harder to spot them. Make sure your home is brightly lit both inside and outside to enhance security. Set up timers for your lights when you are not at home to make it look like people are there. 

Put in lights with motion detectors near the entrance of your house and around places where someone can enter from outside. Think about installing intelligent lighting systems in your house that you can manage from a distance using an application; it's a convenient method to switch the lights on or off according to necessity, even if you are not present. Cover your windows during nighttime so outsiders cannot look inside, particularly in areas like your sleeping room and washroom.

Wrapping up

As a woman who lives alone, I have some difficulties to face. However, you can confront these challenges directly. If you implement clever safety measures, remain alert about what is happening around you, and develop an attitude of confidence and independence, then fully appreciating the joys of having a home that belongs only to you is possible.

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