Apartments, flats, and condominiums are all similar in terms of physical appearance. In American English, the term "apartment" is commonly used, whereas in British English, the term "flat" is commonly used, and in Canadian English, the term "condominium" is commonly used. They all refer to a group of rooms on a certain level that are intended to be utilised as a dwelling for people and families. 

The phrases "flat" and "apartment" are commonly interchanged in India. However, in certain regions of the globe, flats are associated with older structures, whereas apartments are associated with contemporary construction. 

However, there is much more to comprehend than language differences. In the United States, condominiums refer to separate living areas within a building, but in the United Kingdom, an apartment might refer to a group of rooms within a home. So, to better comprehend all of these words, consider the following: 

Social Class Differences 

There is no such discussion is going around related to condo versus apartment versus flats but since the terms are different we must have a detailed knowledge regarding it to address the terms in an apt manner. 

For instance, some regions and markets distinguish the term flats and apartments to discriminate social class. ‘Flats’ are used more commonly, to show the lower class resident, whereas the term ‘apartments’ is used to show an upper class or luxurious dwelling with more comforts and convenience than a traditional flat. 

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Structural Differences 

At some regions apartment buildings are referred to as small multi-level buildings where three or more residences are included in one tower. Such infrastructures are called as an apartment building or an apartment complex. 

However, high rise buildings that occupy hundreds of houses call each house as a flat. Such sort of structures are called as flat complex, a tower block, high rise, block of flats, etc. 

Let’s have a look of the terms flats and apartments of the places from where these terms have been derived: 

American Apartments
British Flats
In Kitchen ​
Do the dishes
Electrical outlet 
Dish Towel
Garbage Can
Do the washing
Tea Towel
In the Bedroom

In the Living Room
Living Room
Television & Floor Lamp
Sitting Room
Telly and Standard lamp

In the Bathroom
Washcloth(To dry hands)
Hand Basin
Flannel( To dry hands)

You should now understand how British and American English use different terms to refer to the same items. After India gained independence in 1947, it embraced British English, but in today's world of globalisation and the internet era, individuals use whatever terminology they choose and wherever they want. In their discussions and writing, the majority of Indians utilise both flat and apartment. 

A condominium, in general, is a private dwelling that is rented out to tenants; it might be a flat/apartment or a standalone house. However, in current usage, the term "condo" exclusively refers to apartments and flats. 

Furthermore, because condominiums are owned and rented by individuals, renting a condo provides a more personalised, one-on-one experience. The landlord may or may not remain on the premises (It depends on the architecture and personal preference of the owner). 

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Real estate and marketers can make the use of these terms as per their convenience to make the public understand it. 

So, what is the difference between a flat and an apartment, and what is the difference between a flat and an apartment? What's the difference between a condominium and an apartment, anyway? We believe there is no such distinction. Physically, all places are identical; the only variances are in the viewpoints and position. 

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