With our simple hacks, you can convert your rental bathroom into the luxurious retreat you've always desired.

Staying in a rental does not need an impersonal environment. While your landlord may not allow you to make major modifications to the property, you may always personalise it to match your preferences. The bathroom is one such location that desperately requires it. You might not be able to install the full-body shower panel, but here are a few things you can do to make it seem nice:

1. If you have less-than-pleasant flooring, you may simply cover it with vinyl. You have the option of using it in the dry area or the full bathroom. These are available in big sheets, allowing you to cover a larger area with less material.

2. Add framed artworks or art prints to your walls. You may easily alter the photos and select a new colour and print theme to modify the aesthetic of your bathroom.

3. A few style tips might assist divert attention away from troublesome areas. For example, if your vanity does not appeal to you, construct a shelf above it. This attracts the attention upwards while also keeping the vanity clear of clutter. Mini baskets are useful for storing little toiletries.

4. You can also try to make do with what you have. Even if you don't like the colour scheme, you may try to create cohesiveness by adding accessories and items in the same colours. Complementing what's already there will look a lot better than battling it, and it may even be more subtle.

5. Would you like a quick lift-up? A brightly coloured shower curtain is the simplest and least expensive method to update the look of a bathroom.

6. Small touches, such as retouching or renewing the grouting, may add a sense of freshness. Even changing light fixtures and mirrors may add a personal touch to a room.

7. If in doubt, add more plants. Aloe vera, lucky bamboo, and even snake plants thrive in the moist environment of the toilet. Purchase a few scented candles to keep the place smelling nice.

8. If you're quickly bored, incorporate colour in non-permanent methods. Consider choosing bright and colourful hand towels, bath towels, and bath mats that you can afford to replace anytime you desire a change of colour scheme.

9. Our favourites are cane baskets! These multifunctional ornamental objects may be used to store clean towels, cleaning materials, and even soiled laundry.

10. Replace your standard towel rods with a stylish ladder. It not only saves space but also adds flair. Hang some trinkets or mementoes in addition to the standard stuff such as towels and clothing.

You can even have a bathtub if you want to go the additional mile. You may purchase ones that are simple to disassemble and are ideal for renting. After all, what says "spa" more than a hot tub?

These were some of the tips from our end, creativity has no limits. If you are looking for a well-furnished flat on rent with all the spaces well decorated try BivocalBirds.

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