Do you find house-hunting difficult? Do you find it difficult to go with the house options which one to choose? Stop thinking to start renting with BivocalBirds.

Here are some of the tips by BivocalBirds to help you out with the rental flat search

Here are some of the things you should know before hunting for a house for rent. Let’s take a look.


Before finding a flat on rent you must first know about the place where you are going to live on rent. Whether the place that you are going to live in has commercial markets available and is commutable or not. You should also know about how much close the place is near to your workplace of renting. The rent of the flat also depends on the type of locality you pick.

Verify the brokers

Since there are several scams taking place because of the rentals, you must be cautious enough to have a background check of the brokers and other mediators if involved. Ask about the authentic proof from your broker if you are searching for a flat for rent.

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Property availability

Know about the options that you have shortlisted are still available or not. You can pay some amount in advance to book your favourite flat for rent. Paying in advance leaves a liability to the homeowner to keep the option that was booked left for you.

Rent Duration

You should know in advance how much time you are going to stay. You can ask for negotiating on rent over the basis of your stay. Generally, the rent agreement for rent is made of around 11 months. Only give one month’s notice period if you plan to leave the rental flat.


It’s your choice whether you are going to live on rent at single occupancy or with your roommates. No doubt living with roommates save you expenses and will keep you more relaxed but at the same time if you are not lucky enough to get a roommate whose habits match with that of yours you would prefer living alone. So choose wisely if you are planning to live in a shared flat with your roommates.

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Packers and movers

When you are ready to shift to your house you must not forget that you have your belongings to move on to that next spot where you are planning to live on rent. You can even choose BivocalBirds packers and movers services to shift you to your house without any tension.


Both furnished and furnished flats have their own pros and cons. You can decide it according to your needs and demands. If you are planning to live with your roommates you can choose a spacious furnished flat for rent. If you have to relocate from one place to another furnished flats are the best option for you. If you have to stay longer at a rental flat you might not prefer having a furnished flat on rent.

If you want to make rental house searching safer for you can choose BivocalBirds as your home hunter.

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