Would you consider it foolish or crazy if I told you that you could rent a property without ever seeing it? And these are some common questions that might bother you while deciding.

How can anyone select a rental property without seeing it first?

How can you determine if the house's construction is sound?

How would you find out basic information about the property, such as its true position?

What are your thoughts on the area surrounding the estate?

Are there any schools, hospitals, pharmacies, bus stations, or other amenities within walking distance of those possessions?

But what if I promised you that you could rent a property before seeing it? Yes, it is possible and we are here to help you to get your dream home without visiting it physically.

Look for an Online Available House

If you locate a property the normal way, via agents, newspaper advertising, or via friends and relatives, you may not be able to see it digitally. When you view a real estate ad on a website like BivocalBirds.in, you get to see the property in at least one, if not two, formats: photo and video.

Owners usually capture images with their phones or hire experts to come in and take pictures of their homes. You may look at pictures of each room as well as the exteriors. The clips are essentially video walk-throughs in which the owner has an uninterrupted shot of every room in the house, beginning at the front entrance and finishing there. This virtual tour of the property offers you a fair impression of how the residence appears, how big it is, what views it has, and more.

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In the Case of No Available Video

If a residence does not have an online video, all you must do is ask the homeowner for one. On BivocalBirds, you may contact the owner instantly and request a virtual tour of the residence. In this situation, you'll both choose a time, and they'll video call you from their home. You'll get a panoramic view that'll make you feel like you're there in person. You'll be able to see each room from every aspect, and the owner will be able to answer any questions you have instantaneously.

Is It a Wise Decision?

Yes! In Fact, it is more feasible. Since 2019-2021, people have been purchasing and renting properties without ever seeing them in real life. Digital tours and video walkthroughs are used by roughly 20% of purchasers and renters in locations such as New York. They save time, effort, and money by not having to travel to the site only to pay a visit.

What You Should Keep in Mind?

Many skeptics exist, and they have good cause to be doubtful. However, with the web and a little inquiry, it is quite difficult to deceive people. You may always double-check photos and videos by contrasting them to other homes in the same complex (for apartments) or even those provided by builders and architects.

Each property on our website contains a list of features, as well as a description of the residence and its surroundings. As a result, you can always compare what you see in the photographs and video to the facilities checklist and information.

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What’s The Final Call?

Traditionally, purchasing or renting without visiting was suitable for individuals who didn't have the leisure or were looking for a house from out of state or nation. Video walkthroughs and virtual tours are now available to anybody hunting for a property. You meet fewer people, you wouldn't have to commute, and you save both time & expense.