That is a good question and one that I would like to respond to, especially in light of the current social distancing and Coronavirus pandemic. “Everything is cancelled except laundry,” I read somewhere on the internet, which is a truthful statement in and of itself. Even if we stay in our homes, we must still complete work from home and other household chore diaries on a daily basis.

In such circumstances, I believe you should first learn how to cleanse your thoughts before selecting the best washing service in Delhi NCR. So here I bring you some of the points that will help you choose the best laundry service:

·        They should be available for advanced booking

When I read over the responses you've got, I noticed that there are several suggestions for laundry services in the Noida extension and surrounding Delhi NCR areas. However, in this response, I'm concentrating on the criteria. That is why my first recommendation is to select service providers who allow you to select a laundry service in advance.

If you are capable of doing so, you will save time. You may then arrange laundry services in the Noida extension and the surrounding areas according to your preferences and timetable. Well, I understand that everyone's schedule right now is to be inside the house, but it's always a benefit to choosing a service provider that allows you to schedule ahead of time.

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·        They should offer you seasonal discounts

When you do internet research and want to find a service provider who is cheap and economical, this is one of the sellable factors in the laundry sector. So, despite the abundance of possibilities, be a wise housewife and narrow down your list of local laundry services.

Finally, you will know when to choose a particular launderer company when you receive a discount or seasonal offers. This will save you money on your monthly budget, allowing you to spend it on things you've been wanting to buy for a long time.

·        They must give your doorstep services

The main advantage of having laundry in NCR is that they have launderers and helpers who may come to your house armed with masks and sanitisers, select your clothing, and drop them off once they are washed, all without charging you anything extra. Professional laundry service providers in NCR should be able to provide these pick-up and drop-off services. Only then, given the present quarantine scenario in my city, nation, and the world, would you be able to make the wisest decision imaginable.

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·        They must deliver at the given deadline

The laundry services you choose should provide you with the clothes on time. Who doesn’t love the service if it is faster? You would be irritated if you couldn’t wear the dress that you have planned to at some event. The priority of the laundry service provider should be to deliver all your clothes on time.

Top 5 laundry services near Noida extension

1.      UClean: It is mainly into dry cleaning. Their service is very quick and fast with reasonable rates.

2.      Cleanomatics: Apart from drycleaning, they also do home cleaning, sofa cleaning, etc. and at reasonable prices. They offer pick n drop services at affordable prices.

3.      Dhobilite: It’s known for giving laundry, steam press, dry cleaning, car cleaning, shoe cleaning and accessories cleaning services at reasonable prices.

4.      Gulf Laundry: It provides the best services. They pick up and drop the clothes at your doorstep.

5.      Royal drycleaners: It is in Indrapuram that provides a variety of services from dry cleaning services to steam pressing, etc. They are into sofa cleaning, bed sheets and carpets cleaning too.

These tips will help you in shortlisting the laundry services that can offer you the best services in less time based on the current situation in our country.

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