So now it’s the time when you have got bored with the existing interior at your home and now looking for a change. You don’t have enough expenses to make and want it to be changed at a minimal cost.

Here we are with some pocket-friendly decorating ideas that will definitely add flavours to your home!

1.     Add Green Plants

You can keep some plants that are affordable, at your home. Bamboo plants also treated as lucky one can be kept at home for decoration. It looks beautiful and green. Syngonium which is an air-purifying plant can also be used to give your space a perfect positive vibe.

2.     Modify your Waste Material

It’s time to check your storeroom now. You can get some really beautiful and antique items to decorate. You can use old bottles made of glass and decorate it. Colour them with simple poster colours to give them a different look and break the dullness of the room. You can even use fairy lights and decorate those bottles.

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3.     DIY Crafts Items

You can make some of the DIY crafts like a dream catcher, butterflies, wind Cham and flowers, to add fun to the room. To give your wall a different look you can paste some used plates to decorate it. These will give a completely new texture to your wall. There are several wall stickers that are available at affordable prices. Order them and paste them to your wall to break the monotony of the walls.

4.     Rearrange the Furniture

Change the location of your furniture and give your space a completely different look. You can even get the furniture modified by your carpenter to give a different look and add more flavour to the space. Keep less furniture if the space is small. It will let your place look more spacious. You can buy some colourful cushion covers for your sofa to make your living room more bright and funky.

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5.     Add Room Accessories

You can make a DIY rug out of rope. Old clothes that are made of thick fabric can also be used to make a perfect rug. This will give a rustic look to your place. You can buy some good light colours curtains for your room and make it more positive and comfortable. Keeping a dimly lighted lamp will make your place more comfortable and calm. You can also buy some artificial showpieces to enhance the beauty of your room.

So these were some of the tips through which you can add flavours and spice to your house and make it look different. Apart from this keep your home clean and declutter the space to always feel freshen up in your house. Do visit BivocalBirds for such more pocket-friendly ideas.

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