While you live out from your hometown it becomes very difficult to cook food when you are out from your busy schedule. You don’t get enough time to cook food while you are back from the office after work as you get tired.

Here are some of the instant recipes that work being a bachelor while you are out from your hometown and don’t want to cook.

Stir Fried Chilli Chicken 

A simple stir-fry of chicken bits with Asian flavours. You may replace the chicken with vegetables or tofu if you're a vegetarian. This recipe is perfect for a pre-dinner snack or meal. It's for someone who enjoys spicy foods!

Coconut Balls

Sweet appetites will be satisfied with these delectable coconut delicacies! Condensed milk and milk powder are used to make these delectable sweet coconut balls. This is just what you're looking for to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Egg in a hole

On weekday mornings, a simple, quick, and filling breakfast is required. So, with this easy basic egg recipe, you'll receive your protein and carbs. The egg-in-the-hole method is a neat way to prepare a fried egg. To make a delicious breakfast meal, all you need are pieces of bread, eggs, salt, coriander leaves, and other ingredients.

Easy Bread Poha Recipe

Poha is India's traditional breakfast, and we offer it a minor twist by serving it with bread instead of poha. It's a basic dish made of bread chunks combined with masalas and cooked like poha. For kids and bachelors, this dish is ideal.

Instant Idli

A soft batter made of semolina by adding water and eno to it. Add eno only when you are about to cook it. Keep it in the idli frame in the oven for 5 minutes or in a deep vessel filled with water. It is steamed within 5 minutes.

These are some of the recipes with very few ingredients that can be easily cooked to kill your appetite instantly!!!

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